Law Only Applies to the Public, Police, Judges and Government can Murder, Assault, Perjure and Steal

Law Only Applied to the Public Police, Judges and Government can Murder, Assault, Perjure and Steal

Law Only Applies to the Public, Police, Judges and Government can Murder, Assault, Perjure and Steal

100% Evidence of this can be found daily and everywhere, the internet, news media and on your streets. America is about two classes, those “forced to obey” and those who are “Above the law”. Sadly we’ve allowed the same people who benefit from the crime and rewards of being above the law to write the laws and influence the law. Even when clear video proves beyond a doubt that they killed, assaulted, perjured and committed crimes they’ve created loop holes, court games to get around punishment and accountability. Most people don’t understand how bad it’s become because they’ve not been personally affected yet.

In fact when you or I commit these same crimes were sent directly to jail with huge bail amounts and it’s up to us to prove our innocence. However when Police, Judges or government does the same they get paid vacations, paid legal counsel, tax payer paid benefits, union support and go unpunished and unaccountable. That’s the reward when you become a “Public Servant” which is all about “self serving” and definitely not about “Serving the Public. Those are just words they use to get you to go along with paying taxes.

In any other business these con-artists, liars, frauds, cheats and criminals would be fired and jailed. Yet in government we protect dishonesty, crime, abuse, perjury and even murder.

2014 Officer of the Year placed on ‘restricted’ duty is a FRAUD and it’s all about fake images and lies to promote the wrong people

Meet Dekald County Georgia Police Officer P. J. Larscheid a poster child for “Government gone wrong”. In fact millions of people will lose faith in government, judges and police by this one problem person’s crimes. Plus he’ll get away without being prosecuted or getting a public record. Millions of victims each year find out the hard way that our courts are about MONEY not justice with the majority of judges on the take in the form of home loan and property loan payments. Our country is controlled by the corporations not the people. By a congress that is about greed and profit for themselves not the people.

Back to Dekald County Georgia Police Officer P. J. Larscheid who needed to make a personal statement to defend his manhood by beating an obviously ill, totally defenseless woman who was homeless. How dare she ignore or not respond to the sick, perverted mind of an obviously mentally ill and insecure Georgia Police Officer P. J. Larscheid who then took it upon himself to assault Katie McCrary. Note the first thing his department does is to publicly share her arrest records to destroy her credibility yet I bet they do everything to hide any other problems Officer P. J. Larscheid had. They play dirty tactics and always attempt to destroy the character of the real victims.

It’s not a small number, it’s daily, hourly and many events never make it to mainstream media
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We’re making crime, perjury and even MURDER legal by giving immunity, legal support, paid vacations to the wrong people. Plus we’re creating legal issues from these events which makes money for courts and lawyers who write our laws and given these criminals immunity and rewards.

Corruption is Legal in America Let's make it Illegal

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