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Welcome Facebook users, with over 2.7 Billion users joining a Facebook user group helps get your story out there. Find other victims and network.

Uglyjudge.com offers all victims a place to get your abuse and story out to the world without the worry of censorship.

If you wish to submit your information, abusers, violations please use the form below. Remember keep your initial submission short and to the point. Remember you don’t want to confuse or lose a readers interest in the details.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT lawyers, we are NOT going to go to court for you, we only provide a free of cost website page to post your story. The goal is for others to find your story. With your info we will contact you when interested parties or other victims of the same abusers contact us. We don’t get paid for what we do, many of us are victims as well. Please be patient and take time to be clear in your writing about your event. Thank you

1. Who you are?
A. You’re the victim?
B. You have knowledge of a victim?
C. Include you name and relationship to the victim
D. Victims name

2. When did this event happen? date?

3. Location of the event(s)
A. State, City, Zip code County
B. Court name and address

4. Crimes and violations committed?
What laws were broken? Elder abuse? Violation of due process?
State or Federal crimes?

5. What happened when?
What happened to the victim, what happened to you after reporting the abuse or crimes?

6. What is going on presently?
What is currently going on with this event?

7. What agencies did you contact?
Police, Presiding judges, Department of Justice, FBI, Commission of Judicial Performance, APS, Ombudsman, City attorney, State attorney, US attorney, Internal Revenue Service, etc.

8. What needs to happen, the solution?
What would solve this and what is required?

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Comments or questions are welcome.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
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It helps to supply us with documents, photos or any additional information to support your claims.


Or write directly to us using the email below. Remember to include the info listed above or it will slow the processing of you submission

submit email address to Uglyjudge to expose your judge lawyer police or government


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