Expose Corruption Links find support and network with other victims or organizations involved in Corruption and dishonesty within our justice system

If you’re a victim of corruption or dishonesty within our American legal system follow these steps before you contact others:

1. Write down your basic problem within one paragraph
This allows others to get a quick understanding of the problem
2. Write a brief complete summary of your problem within 2-3 pages.
Include the following:
A. Who you are
B. Location of the events, city, state, court, addresses
C. When the problem started
D. What happened to the victim(s)
E. What happened to you
F. Current Situation
G. Conclusion
H. Motive
I. What if anything was stolen
J. Crimes involved

The above is needed when contacting others to get your story across. Stick to the facts
For an example of the above SEE THIS PAGE  About Exposing Corruption

Abusive Guardianships
Abusive Guardianships of the Elderly
America’s Wrongfully Convicted
An Open Letter to Congress

A Mothers Fight Against Corruption
Are You Aware Media
A Stolen Inheritance
Attorney and Judge Corruption
Australian Legislative Ethics Commission
Beware the Con Game of Conservatorships
Boycott Brazil
California Probate Court Judges’ Failure to Protect Vulnerable Elder Abuse Victims</a

CANHR Long Term Care Justice and Advocacy
Casey Kasem’s Legacy Center for Judicial Excellence Can’t afford legal help contact these people

Citizens for Judicial Accountability
Citizens Against Corrupt Judges
Citizens for Judicial Accountability, Who protects the Conservatee?
Civilian’s Guide to Lawyers





County Grand Jury
Courthouse Steps
Colorado Case Fixing
Complaints Against California Judges
Conservatorships: Beware!
Corruption american style
Corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Court
Customs Corruption

Danny Tate Story how a judge destroyed his life

Elderly Abuse
Expose Corrupt Courts
Expose Court Corruption
Estate of Denial
Elder Abuse on the rise
Elder Abuse Advocates
Elder Murder Abuse and Exploitation

Family Law Courts
Fiduciary watch
Florida you know this court is corrupt
For Fathers Less Five
Forgotten Americans
Full Disclosure Los Angeles Court Corruption
FATE Foundation Aiding the Elderly
Financial Abuse of the Elderly
Free Britney
Free Richard Fine

Government Accountability
Guardianship Agency Costs Elderly Women Dearly
Guardianship Gulag
Guardianships: Cases of Financial Exploitation, Neglect, and Abuse of Seniors

How a Fraudulent Guardianship or Conservatorship commences and continues
How to Win in Court without a Lawyer
Help Bring Gary Home
How an Attorney Fooled a Judge and got away with it

Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy
Injustice Exposed

Judges as Criminals
Jail for Judges

Justice 4 you
Justice Channel Blogspot
Justice Network
Custodians dedicated to rooting out corruption in our courts
Judges Above the Law
Judicial Report Corrupt Judges
Judges Gone Rogue
Judge Kennedy Should Resign
Judge Aviva K. Bobb Presiding Monster of Los Angeles Probate court
Judge Reva Goetz abuses Britney Spears rights by allowing a CON-Conservatorship
Judge David Yaffe
Judicial Council Watcher
Joseph Ludwig Ziarnik Story

Kidnapping the Elderly
Kill a Messenger for reporting a Corrupt judge

Laura Lynn Writes
Lawless America
Lawyer John T. Rogers helped cause the death of Lee Peters
Legal Reform Summit
Leslier Brodie Report
Lynched by court order
Los Angeles County Judicial System Corruption
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz
Luzerne County Railroad (Nothing to do with Trains)
Los Angeles Times Justice Sleeps While Seniors Suffer

Marked for Destruction
Marti Oakley & ther Truth Squad
Mickey Rooney’s Elder Fraud Legacy
Minnesota Case Fixing
National Association Stop Guardian Abuse
National Alliance for Court Justice
National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform
National Forum on Judicial AccountabilityNOTEGA Stop Elder Abuse and
Nevada State Personnel Watch
Guardianship Abuse
North Shore Live Coopers Corner

Orry Korb Santa Clara County Counsel commits fraud

Prisão Por Pensão Injusta (Spanish from Brazil)
Protecting the Elderly
Probate Sharks
Probate Courts: The Largest Business in the World

Recall Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer
Reform the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department
Right Trumps Might
Roast A Pig (Report Corrupt Police)

Santa Clara County Public Guardian Corruption
Sarasota Crooked Lawyers
Sharon Stephens Aint It Beautiful Blog

Thomas Nilsson (Spanish Brazil)
Truth in Justice
Trial Jury Reform
Tulanelink Equal Justice under Law

U.S. Judicial Corruption
Unethical Lawyers

Victims of Guardianship
Victims of Law
Victims of Guardians

What Happens When a Guardianship Gets Contentious
When Elder Abuse Hits Home
Whistleblower Orry Korb

Widespread Corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Court
Widespread Fraud in Los Angeles Courts
Widespread Corruption and Refusal by DOJ to take action


Los Angeles Superior Court Videos on Corruption

Watch from the bottom up for correct order, note each link has many segments
2011-08-29 Judicial Racketeering Prompts Call For RICO ACT Prosecutions
2011-08-29 Judges Muster Power, City Attorney To Stop Citizen Challenge
2011-08-08 Court Showdown On Ballot Fraud
2011-07-09 Department Of Justice Accused Of Racketeering Cover Up
2011-06-05 Supreme Court Judges & State Bar Officials Target Of Corruption
2011-05-02 6th Judge Steps Down On Richard Fine Case: Judicial Wall
2011-04-04 Should Judges Be Prosecuted To Reform The CA Judicial System?
2011-03-06 County Influences Judges Double $ Benefits, Developers Pay
2011-03-22 How To Disqualify State Superior Court Judges & Get A New Trial
2011-01-30 Cost Of Courage, The Story Of Richard I Fine
2010-10-17 L A Times Endorsements Ignore Judicial Crimes
2010-09-23 Richard I Fine, Ph.D Reflects on 18 Months
2010-05-15 Judicial Bribery, “Coercive Confinement” Supreme Courts