Millions of American families are being destroyed by corrupt judges in family and guardian courts who are running racketeering enterprises under the guise of a “court proceeding.”

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They are stealing our children and  parents by forcibly removing them from their loved ones to incite litigation to pay themselves for their abuse in the guise of “fees”. 

Any family member who exposes the crimes of these judges who are acting under color of law is viciously retaliated.  They are stripped of their rights by illegal “gag” orders that prevent them from reporting  the crimes taking place by corrupt lawless judges, falsely charged with “misdeeds”   and  sued by the corrupt attorneys involved in order to steal their assets and silence them.

These corrupt “public servants” police themselves and give themselves illegal self created “immunity” to prevent the public from any remedy.  

53201276_1608665906906566_r.jpegWe are family members all over the country whose parents and loved ones have been captured in the “guardian court” a farcical proceeding taking place in state courts under the pretense of “guardianship.”  Seniors or other Americans with financial assets are seized by the courts, falsely ruled “incapacitated” so they can be stripped of their rights, subjected to human rights atrocities in order to steal their life savings in the guise of “fees”.  Once all of their assets and their home has been embezzled, our parents and loved ones, vulnerable adults, are murdered by being administered toxic doses of illegal psychotropic drugs. 

This racket is the most horrific crime imaginable.  Once your family member  has been seized, it is impossible to escape.  No one with financial assets  is immune.  Brittany Spears is a victim of the guardian racket as are many other celebrities.  Rupert Murdock, the publishing giant barely escaped.

We are seeking funds to purchase traveling billboards, signs and ads warning the public of this horrific crime.  Corrupt judges who fail to follow and enforce the law is the most urgent issue in our country. 

Please help us with your contribution to keep our families safe and take back our government from corrupt public servant judges.  Thank you.

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