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The epidemic American Conservator/Guardianship scam which destroys thousands of lives

Table of Contents

  1. Who does Conservatorship or Guardianship affect:
    The Elderly Mickey Rooney, Casey Kasem
    Mentally or Physically disabled
    Anyone with money, property, inheritance, assets or savings
  2. Organizations that list the victims
  3. Drugging of Conservatorship and Guardianship is common
  4. What happens to Judges who are exposed?
  5. Laws, Rules, Codes and Rights which lead the public to trust
  6. People of Interest

Who does Conservatorship or Guardianship affect:
Mentally or Physically disabled
Anyone with money, property, inheritance, assets or savings

The Elderly Mickey Rooney, Casey Kasem
Example Gertrude Gettinger was forced into a fraudulent conservatorship via a perjured petition by her estranged daughter Sylvia Schmidt and her lawyer Christopher Overgaard.  Nothing is vetted or investigated by the court or probate department. Bank accounts (2) totaling over $200k in funds where never reported to the court. Sylvia was named by Gertrude in a 2005 LAPD report as having burglarized Gertrude’s home stealing documents, cash, banking statements, property and car keys personal identification, home deed and passport. With these items Sylvia began mail forwarding, locking Gertrude into and out of her own home, embezzled 2 bank accounts pretending to be a creditor and blaming the missing funds on her brother Robert which she stated in her petition. Sylvia and lawyer Overgaard claimed in their petition they hired a PI who could not find any family members. The truth was Sylvia had Robert’s address and was in contact via telephone and mail. Sylvia mislead doctors with false accounts of events leading them to over medicate Gertrude and against social workers recommendations forced her into a locked Dementia home against her will.

Unknown Los Angeles County Superior Court victims:
Gertrude Gettinger
Deborah Waldren
Ernest L. Moore
Jeannie Tannaka
Lee Peters

Mentally or Psychically Disabled
Disney family Bradford Lund lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees paid to lawyers while a judge ruling against doctors attempted to force Lund in a conservatorship stating he was mentally unfit to care for himself.

Anyone with money (Even famous People)
Britney Spears
was forced into a conservatorship in 2008 after a mental breakdown. Spears has no legal control over her estate or financial and personal assets — those rights were granted to her father and a lawyer.
Mickey Rooney
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Bradford D. Lund
Amanda Bynes
Casey Kasem

Conservatorship and Guardianship Organizations

CEAR Advocating for Justice, Education and Reform in the War against Guardianship Abuse
NASGA National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse

Overall the problem with courts,  police and government in America see this video by Reporter Janet Phelan

Drugging of Los Angeles Superior Court Conservatorship and Guardianship victims old and young is common


  • Seroquel
  • Carbidopa / Levodopa
  • Mirtazapine
  • Azelastine
  • Warfarin
  • DOK
  • SorbitolNote: Just because a doctor is involved does not mean evaluations are valid and accurate. One must remember with psychological exams doctors depend greatly on the reports made by family or conservator. Family can and does give false accounts of events, such as episodes, reactions and events. In my personal family case the conservator created false events, twisted the truth and manipulated the facts. Which resulted in dosage increases and changes to more dangerous drugs via lies, perjured documents and manipulating doctors reports.

What happens to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judges who are exposed?

Accountability is the big elephant in the room when it comes to judges, lawyers, police and government in general. In the case of dishonorable judges CJP (Commission on Judicial Performance) is a joke. Research Chief Justice Ronald George Who put his current replacement Tanie Cantil Sakauye   in place.

While judge judges hide behind this image of honor, ethics and morals the truth is it’s just a false front. When exposed the CJP hides the results of their tainted investigations and often moves the dishonorable judge to yet another court where they continue their crimes. Worse judges are FORCED to retire early, it’s always a huge sign when a judge retires (early) yet they go on to work and abuse more people in the private sector (as a judge and hiding behind that same judicial image). They go work at ARC (Alternative Resolution Center, Century City CA.) What ARC does it offer what they claim a cheaper alternative to going to court. In my experience I was contacted by clients of X president of the Pasadena bar lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. who arranged the rulings of Judge Candace J. Beason to ignore elder abuse, perjury, fraud, conspiracy and embezzlement of over $200k in bank funds. I was informed that Philip Barbaro Jr. was referring his client to a known dishonorable judge Aviva K. Bobb who was exposed by a Los Angeles Time investigative article on Probate abuse. When questioned why that judge was suggested it was made clear she would favor them. These are the kind of lawyers who hide behind being “Professors of law” and teaching students their ways. These are the kind of judges who hide behind non-profit legal help organizations. All to make them appear ethical, moral or honest.

History of Bribery for Los Angeles County Superior court Judges

For the last decade, lawyer Richard L. Fine has filed appeal after appeal against Los Angeles County’s Superior Court judges. He says the judges each accept what he calls yearly “bribes” from the county worth $57,000. That’s on top of a $178,789 annual salary, paid by the state. The county calls the extra payments “supplemental benefits” — a way to attract and retain quality judges in a high-cost city.

Laws, Rules, Codes and Rights which lead the public to trust

Conservator Rights

News Stories that exposed Conservatorship/Guardianship

People of interest regarding Los Angeles Superior Court Conservator/Guardianship Abuse

Hi, I may have already been interviewed but you should mention my name and let them know that I have a forensic analysis that I can give them, off the record, that they can use.
What happened to Miss Spears is absolutely inconsistent with the law of the state of California. Lisa M

How the judges and lawyers involved get away with their abuse and crimes

What happens in the court room often stays in the courtroom via closed hearings or sealed records. It’s not just about these judges refusing immediate family any original or valid documentation or accounting records but any say in matters regarding their loved one period. The corrupt or dishonest party is allowed everything they request even if illogical, uneconomical or immoral. While the family who has valid concerns or evidence of wrong doing is totally ignored. It’s too easy to hide corruption, fraud and abuse within a court by dishonorable judges and immoral lawyers.

Take note of a history of complaints that are hidden or destroyed by the Commission on Judicial Performance which is a false front for complaints concerning unethical and corrupt judges. Thus the problem is while victims are at epidemic numbers nothing is done and most victims don’t know about the others who were victimized before them/

The Robbing Room, a website that hosts reviews for Judges where anyone can post their experiences. Note that the problem judges often have a large number of negative reviews pointing to corruption and dishonest activity by the judge. Look for “Robing Room” logo and link on the pages below for each judge.

It should be known that most of the judges in probate court were problem judges in other courts. Most had no experience in probate before being assigned to probate but because many of those sucked into the cesspool of probate court are elderly, weak and defenseless who can’t put up a fight.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva G. Goetz
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Anna Maria Luna

Aviva K Bobb

Still aren’t convinced that there is a problem with an overwhelming number of corrupt or unethical judges in America?

Reuters recently did an in depth investigative article on judges and how they lack accountability and are rarely prosecuted

Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench

How Reuters examined misconduct by state and local judges across America




Inside the Reuters year-long investigation into judicial misconduct across the U.S.


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