Judge Aviva K. Bobb

Los Angeles County Cailfornia Superior Court Presiding Judge Aviva K. Bobb destroys lives

When a judge knowingly violates laws, protects criminals and murders innocent people, they too become criminals.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb abused her powers as a probate judge when she conducted herself in a criminal manner which directly resulted in Lee Peters’ untimely and painfully lonely death.  Lee’s estate was looted by known elder abusers and criminals who had committed fraud, forgery, theft of Social Security, and grand theft real estate when they had removed Lee Peters’ name from the title of her house.  Judge Bobb’s job was to “protect” innocent Lee from the vultures (her 2 estranged sons and their partners) who were looking for an early inheritance.

Judge Aviva K. Bobb violated probate code 2253(g) when she removed Lee Peters from her home of nearly 50 years and shrugged when the law was pointed out to her.

March 2006, Judge Bobb appointed attorney, Linda Paquette, to “investigate Lee Peters’ situation and bring the court a recommendation”.

Ms. Paquette spent 9 hours with Lee Peters, spoke with the parties on both sides and with other family members and friends.  Ms. Paquette conducted a thorough investigation and made the following findings and Recommendations:

1.  Lee Peters is being abused in the facility where she is being held against her will;
2.  Lee should be returned to her son, Casey and her daughter-in-law Marilyn Peters’ care immediately;
3.  Long time familial care providers, Casey and Marilyn Peters had provided an “extraordinary level of in-home care” and Lee craves a return of that care.
4.  Neutral professional conservator, Diane Rasmussen should be appointed conservator of the estate and Ms. Rasmussen, together with one person from each opposing side should be conservators of the person.
5.  Little weight should be given to the documents that empowered Nora Hamill and Kathryn Pruessner Peters.  Lee Peters had already been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease prior to the signing of these complex legal documents.
6.  Nora Hamill should NOT be Lee Peters’ conservator.
7.  Lee Peters never liked Nora Hamill

Without taking any testimony and against the findings and recommendations of the neutral investigative attorney, on April 27, 2006 Judge Aviva K. Bobb appointed known elder abusers, criminals, Nora Hamill and Kathryn Pruessner Peters as co-conservators of Lee Peters.

Hamill and Pruessner Peters had lied on their petition for conservatorship when they signed under penalty of perjury that they were neither debtors nor creditors of Lee Peters, yet Hamill owed Lee many thousands of dollars she had stolen from Lee Peters’ life savings under the guise of the fraudulent Lee Peters Trust; and Pruessner Peters had declared in court that Lee owed her $81,000 (lawyers fees). Criminals are allowed to perjure themselves in Aviva Bobb’s courtroom.  Hamill and Pruessner Peters had committed crimes against Lee Peters and had a financial interest in her death.  Hamill was not and never has been a member of Lee Peters’ family.  Hamill and Pruessner had no conservatorship experience or experience in caring for a blind person with memory loss.  Both were after Lee’s money.

Eight months later, after denying Lee vital medical care, LEE PETERS WAS DEAD – was Lee Peters murdered by elder abusers who had been empowered by Judge Aviva K. Bobb?

Hamill and Pruessner Peters immediately evicted Casey and Marilyn Peters from Lee’s home, seized Lee Peters’ estate and sold it for $942,000 for their own benefits.  In 4 1/2 years, the true heirs to Lee Peters’ estate have received none of their entitlements.  Casey was wrongfully evicted from the home he was supposed to inherit part of.  As long time familial care provider the UnRuh Civil Rights Act protected Casey from eviction.  However, the Unruh Civil Rights Act was violated.

JUDGE AVIVA K. BOBB HANDED LEE PETERS A DEATH SENTENCE and protected elder abusers who were after, and got,  her million dollar estate.

Linda Paquette’s recommendations would have saved Lee’s life and her estate.

As probate court judge, Aviva K. Bobb frequently appointed her buddy Frumeh Labow as conservator over seniors’ lives who had valuable properties.

In the case BP085494 The Conservatorship of Lee Peters, all family members, other parties and lawyers, including the lawyer appointed by the court to “protect Lee Peters’ interests” had signed an agreement that stated that Frumeh Labow WOULD NOT be Lee Peters’ conservator.  Bobb ignored this agreement and appointed her buddy Labow as Lee Peters’ conservator.  Labow denied Lee vital medical care which directly resulted in her early death.  Bobb awarded Labow and her lawyers $100,000 from Lee Peters’ estate.

Aviva K. Bobb pretended to “retire” and left the probate court in May 2009 after allegations of corruption.  Now, Bobb works as a highly paid mediator for ARC Mediation and continues working the “conservatorship” scam with Frumeh Labow.

A victim of the Bobb/ Labow mediation scam writes:

“A. Bobb was the mediator that proposed hiring Frumeh Labow to naive and unsuspecting us. And ironically, within a 15 minute phone call, Frumeh Labow was available to meet us. Thank G-D, SHE IS NO LONGER OUR trustee BUT HER BILL for the short period will be presented to the judge.

We met F.  Labow at a mediation and within days, we realized that we were set up…i.e. suckers!!!
She will be asking for a very large sum of money coz we were duped into “temporarily hiring her.” Then  TO GET HER OUT, WE HAD TO GO TO COURT. Now, she wants to be paid handsomely…her exact words to us! My Mom was alive when she started and I believe my Mom died of a broken heart.”

Aviva K. Bobb now works for ARC Mediation.  They lie about who she really is.  To name Aviva Bobb a “rising star” obviously the Los Angeles Daily Journal knew nothing of the crimes Aviva Bobb commited against 88 year old blind, Alzheimers sufferer, Lee Peters – elder abuse – false imprisonment – grand theft real estate and denied medical care causing death.

Was it pre-meditated murder for financial gain?


February 8, 2006 during a hearing on the fraudulent Lee Peters Trust, Judge Aviva K. Bobb threatened to leave the courtroom if evidence of crimes committed against Lee Peters, by self appointed trustees, Nora Hamill and Kathryn Pruessner Peters,were presented.

Judge Aviva K. Bobb interrupted the presentation of medical evidence showing that Lee Peters lacked capacity at the time of the signing of complex legal documents that created a trust in Lee Peters’ name and empowered Nora Hamill and Kathryn Pruessner.   Hamill and Pruessner had commited crimes of elder abuse, fraud, forgery and grand theft real estate against Lee Peters.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb threatened to leave the courtroom if the presentation of evidence continued.   There had been no accounting from Hamill and Prussner since 1987.  When the court ordered an accounting for the 2006 hearing, it was revealed that many thousands of dollars had been stolen from Lee Peters’ life savings and retirement income by the self appointed trustees.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb accepted the accounting that was full of thievery and did nothing to punish the criminals or retrieve Lee Peters’ money.

JUDGE AVIVA K. BOBB HANDED LEE PETERS A DEATH SENTENCE and protected elder abusers who were after, and got,  her million dollar estate.
Linda Paquette’s recommendations would have saved Lee’s life and her estate.

Had Lee Peters been a renter, they would have left her alone.  Lee was murdered by a judge, lawyers, conservators and other criminals who all worked towards Lee Peters’ early demise because they wanted a big piece of her real estate pie.

Criminals, Nora Hamill and Kathryn Pruessner Peters sold Lee Peters’ house for $942,000 a few months after they murdered her.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb lined the pockets of her buddy lawyers with half of Lee Peters’ estate.
$75,000 was awarded to John T. Rogers Jr. who had been appointed by the court to “protect the interests of Lee Peters” and then worked with criminals against his client to cause her death.
More than $300,000 was awarded to lawyers who represented Hamill and Pruessner and whose actions contributed to the early demise of Lee Peters.  Aviva Bobb awarded one lawyer his fee twice and another lawyer for her defence of 4 individuals in 2 unrelated civil actions.   NO FEE WAS AWARDED TO LINDA PAQUETTE.

The remainder of Lee Peters’ estate was given to thieves, Hamill and Pruessner Peters by Judge Aviva K. Bobb.

December 2005, Casey and Marilyn Peters file an ex-parte motion for Lee Peters to have your newly painful dark purple legs diagnosed and treated.  JUDGE AVIVA K. BOBB DENIED THE MOTION for medical care.
December 28, 2006 Lee Peters died.  An autopsy conducted by the Los Angeles County Coroner revealed that Lee had died from “pulmonary emboli, due to deep leg thrombosis”.  Lee’s painful dark purple legs were due to blood clots.  Her prescribed daily half aspirin had been stopped when Judge Aviva K. Bobb institutionalized Lee.  Clots broke off and travelled to her lungs.  The report goes on to say that “Lee struggled to get her breath for 15 minutes before she died”.  A preventable death, was Lee murdered by Judge Aviva K. Bobb and the co-conservators she appointed?

If you, or anyone you know, is a victim of Judge Aviva K. Bobb or any probate judge, please email us at: UglyJudge

Casey and Marilyn Peters filed 2 lawsuits against Nora Hamill, Kathryn Pruessner, Stephen Peters and Michael Peters:
1.  Breach of Contract in regards to their signing an agreement and then violating it a few months later;
2.  Wrongful Death of Lee Peters.
Casey and Marilyn were wrongfully declared “vexatious litigants” by one of Judge Aviva K. Bobb’s buddy judges who had worked with Judge Aviva K. Bobb in family court.

According to the law, a person/s can be declared vexatious litigant/s if they file 5 lawsuits in 7 years and each suit is found against them.  They are then considered using the judicial system as a means of “harassment”.

Casey and Marilyn had filed only 2 lawsuits and neither have ever been heard.  Bobb’s buddy judge based her ruling on the pleadings they filed in the conservatorship case.

It was, in fact, Judge Aviva K. Bobb who reopened the settled conservatorship case, and abused her powers as superior court judge, using the judicial system to abuse, torment, torture, eventually kill Lee Peters and steal her million dollar estate.

Judge Reva Goetz Approves Crimes Against Senior

Aviva K. Bobb now works for ARC Mediation.  They lie about who she really is.  To name Aviva K. Bobb a “rising star” obviously the Los Angeles Daily Journal knew nothing of the crimes Aviva K. Bobb commited against 88 year old blind, Alzheimers sufferer, Lee Peters – elder abuse – false imprisonment – grand theft real estate and denied medical care causing death.
Was it pre-meditated murder for financial gain?
Judge Aviva K. Bobb’s actions led to 11 year old Jeanene Bonner’s murder.

Judge Aviva K. Bobb handed 11 year old Jeanene Bonner a death sentence when she placed her in the custody of her much feared father.

Jeanene had wanted to speak to the judge so she could tell Judge Aviva K. Bobb how afraid she was to be with her father.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb refused to let the girl speak.
Jeanene’s father murdered the little girl and killed himself soon afterwards.

Murder victim
11 year old Jeanene Bonner

Judge Aviva K. Bobb attends her son’s wedding.  As family court judge, Aviva Aviva K. Bobb destroyed any chance of Jeanene Bonner ever having a wedding or her mother seeing her as a bride.  As probate judge, judge Aviva K. Bobb destroyed any chance of Lee Peters attending family weddings.  Judge Aviva K. Bobb walks free while Jeanene Bonner and Lee Peters lay dead in the ground.

Here’s what happens when you sue Judge Aviva K. Bobb.  Her buddy judges protect her.

Annie Hall sued Aviva Bobb after Bobb’s rulings led to Annie’s father’s death.

Meet Jeanene Bonner.  Well, you can’t.  Jeanene was murdered by the father she was so afraid of  back in 2002.  However, Jeanene stays with us because of the efforts she made to stay alive.

Jeanene had wanted to speak to the judge in her parents custody case; Judge Aviva K. Bobb, so she could tell Judge Bobb how afraid she was to be with her father.  After all, therapists always say to validate a child, one must listen to them.

But Judge Aviva K. Bobb wouldn’t allow Jeanene to speak in court.   Jeanene’s mother suggested Jeanene write Judge Aviva K. Bobb a letter and she did. Jeanene poured her heart out in a letter.

Write a better letter little girl
Later, the Court spokesperson described Jeanene’s letter as “seeming contrived.”  He was speaking on the occasion of Jeanene’s body being found and reporters were asking why Judge Aviva K. Bobb made the now dead, then fearful Jeanene, leave with the father she so feared.

In 2005 Judge Aviva K. Bobb was awarded the “Benjamin Aranda Access to Justice Award.”
We wonder why Judge Aviva K. Bobb accepted the award.
Particularly since Judge Aviva K. Bobb thwarted both attempts made by Jeanene to speak to her.
And Judge Aviva K. Bobb was the Supervising Family Court Judge for four years, from 2000 – 20004.
Apparently the Blue Ribbon panel that selected Judge Aviva K. Bobb wasn’t aware of her part in getting a little girl killed.
So yes, Jeanene Bonner stays with us.

Complaints filed against Aviva K. Bobb
Complaint filed against Judge Bobb in the Marshall Stern Case
Civil RICO action filed by Mr. And Mrs. Ritch

The courts have a way of extorting the victims and then offering them shut up money to which many are forced to accept. The court then gets them to remove their websites with condeming evidence and statements such as was done to Casey and Marylnn Peters over the murder of Lee Peters by Judge Aviva K. Bobb.
Conservatorship of Fear Not Law Articles Conservatorship of Peters
The Probate Murders Part One: The War on the Vulnerable Through the Courts by Janet C. Phelan

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