Conservatorship Rights and Rules USELESS because they’re ignored

Conservatorship Rights and Rules USELESS because they’re ignored

This is the scam that’s sold by lawyers and judges to the public. It’s a total lie because you can have all the laws, codes and rules you want but if the lawyers, conservator AND judge ignore them they’re useless.

Sylvia Schmidt had never abided by the rules and the court just goes along with her crimes, abuse, perjury and embezzlement.

Money was unaccounted for from the beginning that was never reported to the probate department or the court. Even when bank names and account numbers were provided to probate investigators, the court and PVP lawyer Violet M. Boskovich they were ignored.

Gertrude Gettinger NEVER got protection or rights from the rules:

  1. To decide where she wanted to live.
  2. The option to fire her forced upon her by the court PVP Violet M. Boskovich (who never represented Gertrude Gettinger because she was too busy defending person who writes her paycheck Sylvia Schmidt). Huge conflicts of interest.
  3. Not one original or authentic bill, record was ever provided when requested in fact even subpoenas where quashed when trying to find out what happened to (2) missing bank accounts totaling $200K.
  4. Gertrude’s personal mail was forwarded illegally (Identity Theft before the conservatorship was formed) and continued to be forwarded to Sylvia Schmidt. Schmidt even billed at $40 and hour to claim she re-delivered the mail to her mother. German language newspapers were delivered late or not at all which should have gone to Gertrude.
  5. Gertrude was denied visits by family by the conservator Schmidt.
  6. Gertrude never wanted Schmidt as conservator and even after it was proven a fraudulent and perjured petition was filed to the court the conservator was allowed to stay.
  7. Gertrude was over medicated 1st then portrayed as mentally incompetent via perjury and false statements by Sylvia Schmidt. Thus her wishes and even hand written letters and accounts ignored. Yet Gertrude was doing her own laundry, upkeep of her room and attending meals WITHOUT any help.
  8. Prudent investments? Gertrude’s home was sold via a bait and switch tactic game. All were told Gertrude’s home was to be exchanged (to avoid tax losses) after which Gertrude could live there. The option to object forms were mailed to the wrong address to family on purpose so no on objected. Then Schmidt claimed at a time when all of Los Angeles was for sale that she could not find a suitable exchange property. To make matters worse and prove how fraudulent the offer was, then Schmidt offered a “Commercial property in northern CA” knowing everyone would object to that. Then saying well her only option was to liquidate and sell with huge tax losses and penalties.
  9. Not one penny was ever put into a blocked account.
  10. Now with approx 2 million dollars in fund Schmidt’s husband coincidentally started a investment company with $2 million in assets
  11. Getrude’s estate lost money each year far below a prudent amount.
2006 12 11 Sylvia Schmidt accepts Consevator rules and Conservatoship rights

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