Will it do any good?

Is an interesting question that we’ve been asked before. The answer is doing nothing won’t get any results and other people may be victimized by the same judge, lawyer, police officer or government agency (abuser). With the arrival of Social media and Google now the world can be told about the crimes committed against you. Before you to about demanding results from us for offering to help at our own expense and time you need to make an effort and do some work yourself.

1. Join Facebook and create a page or group with the name of your abuser.
2. Join Twitter and Instagram, create a website using WordPress. You can do this for free
but it’s always best to obtain your own domain name and have your site hosted yourself.
3. Search Google by the name of your violator(s) for example “judge Joe Abuser” try using the
Quotation marks (“) to narrow the search and then without. Find out if there are other victims or anything else you can find out.
4. Check with your city and state bar using their name.

Make sure you create a short summary of what happened to you. Avoid too many details. You can always have a full detailed account but the point is to get someone’s attention and give them the basics what happened. 1 or 2 pages max. Even on paragraph works better

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