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One of the most common questions that we’re asked is: “what is a whistleblower?”  

On the simplest level, a whistleblower is someone who reports waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, or dangers to public health and safety to someone who is in the position to rectify the wrongdoingA whistleblower typically works inside of the organization where the wrongdoing is taking place; however, being an agency or company “insider” is not essential to serving as a whistleblower. What matters is that the individual discloses information about wrongdoing that otherwise would not be known.  

Individuals who want to enjoy the protections and rewards of whistleblower law cannot rely on this simplified definition. Instead, they must adhere to the definitions and procedures in the laws under which they are seeking formal whistleblower status.  

Key Whistleblower Laws
Whistleblowers have multiple avenues of reporting at their disposal due to a framework of various laws across public and private sectors. Each statute and law provides different protections and rewards. View the key laws that apply to whistleblowers in the securities, tax, intelligence, wildlife sectors, and more.

Pay attention to deadlines.

All whistleblower laws have statutes of limitation. If you miss that deadline, you may automatically lose your case.  Reward laws give incentives for being the “first to file” a claim. Delay can be deadly to your rights.

National Whistleblower
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Whistleblower Support Fund

The Whistleblower Support Fund helps whistleblowers:

  • understand what is involved in whistleblowing
  • learn how to blow the whistle effectively
  • cope with the retaliation for whistleblowing
  • obtain counseling to help with the stress of whistleblowing
  • respond to a demand for a forced psychiatric exam
  • recover from the impacts of whistleblowing on one’s career, health, social connections and finance

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WoA is a nonprofit organization assisting whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation after having identified harm to individuals or the public. Together, we can speak truth to power.
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Whistleblowers of America
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U.S. Department of Labor
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Nine Organizations That Work With and Help Whistleblowers

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