Judge Seamus McCaffery

pennsylvania supreme court justice is a fraud who sends pornographic emails

Totally Dishonorable Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge Seamus McCaffery

When will Americans finally say enough is enough and stop supporting unequal justice in America. The fact is we have two levels of equality, Judges, Police, Government and then the people. The people are sold lies like “Everyone is created equal” and “the land of the free”. The fact is we have a justice system based on money, greed and dishonest, dishonorable judges who think they don’t have to earn respect. Seamus McCaffery is a fraud, totally dishonorable and like any coward is allowed to run and hide with full pay and benefits. The investigation is dropped, people are told to go away and a criminal and con-artists gets away with dishonesty.

A group of women lawyers in Miami has called for NBC to cancel Bad Judge because it “depicts a female judge as unethical, lazy, crude, hyper-sexualized, and unfit to hold such an esteemed position of power.” Indeed there’s no place for depicting women judges that way on TV. Especially when Miami is perfectly capable of depicting them that way in real life.

FACT: America is over-run by dis-honorable judges who are cashing in on their position on the bench. Total disregard for the public and justice they’ll sell their soles for a price.

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice caught up in a state government porn email scandal has retired after nearly eight years on the high court.
Pa. justice in porn email scandal retires as judge
Seamus McCaffery retiring from PA Supreme Court

After being temporarily suspended as part of “Porngate” for trafficking in “highly demeaning portrayals of members of various segments of the population, including women, elderly persons, and uniformed school girls,” Seamus McCaffrey retires from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

pennsylvania supreme court justice is a fraud who sends pornographic emails

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