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Law School: Northrop Univ SOL; Los Angeles CA
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12/3/1984 Admitted to The State Bar of California
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Certified Legal Specialty: Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law (State Bar of California)
Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law (State Bar of California)
CLA Sections: Trusts & Estates

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PVP Lawyer Violet M. Boskovich was involved in the fraudulent Conservatorship of Gertrude Gettinger in which is appears to never represent Gertrude Gettinger. Boskovich failed to search for the missing $200k in bank accounts and pretends the money just went missing. When in fact a subpoenas were issued to the banks to determine the whereabouts of the missing $200k infunds Boskovich helped Conservator Sylvia Schmidt hide or squash the subpoena’s that would have helped her client to find her missing funds Sylvia never reported to the probate department. Judge Candace J. Beason played stupid in the last hearing ignoring the evidence, fraud, embezzlement, police report and perjury in Sylvia Schmidt’s petition forcing a conservatorship on Gertrude Gettinger. Boskovich lied to a court appointed psychiatrist Dr. Trading stating the exam was to determine if Robert Gettinger was influencing Gertrude Gettinger when in fact the truth is the exam was in regards to Gertrude being able to appear in court. Boskovich stopped Sylvia Schmidt’s deposition about all her lies (thousands of them) to offer an agreement to stop all legal actions (subpoena’s for missing funds) where Robert Gettinger would be conservator of the person and Sylvia Schmidt conservator of the estate. This was all agreed upon on the record. After Robert Gettinger stopped and retracted all legal actions, Sylvia Schmidt refused to go along and Boskovich did nothing to enforce the agreement.

Be sure to search this site for the CON-servatorship of Gertrude Gettinger who was Isolated, Medicated and her estate was liquidated by disgusting, unethical greedy, immoral lawyers who prey on the elderly and weak

It appears Violet Boskovich is a Probate Predator who only gets work by being forced upon her clients but from actual experience and victim statements Boskovich: Below are comments from the Gertrude Gettinger Conservatorships which was created via fraud and perjury which Boskovich was 100% aware of but failed to represent her client instead she whored herself out to the conservator who she had knowledge was a criminal, liar and fraud.

Comments from the conservatorship of Gertrude Gettinger (see about us)
PVP Violet Boskovich works with conservator instead of working with client Gertrude.
Often against the wishes or best interest of Gertrude.

Please note the actual page from Violet Boskovich’s report where she requests compensation.
Schmidt claims that Gertrude “whole hearted” wanted to sell her property. It was only after Boskovich states
“Sylvia Schmidt” accompanied her to convince Gertrude to sell her property.
The report also states nothing about Schmidt’s final actions NOT TO SELL but to liquidate the property to
cash and invest it in unknown stocks.

It was very clear that Gertrude was convinced to sell using a story “ Conservator intended to conduct a IRC
1031 exchange in order to avoid capital gains tax of approximately $275.000.00, Gertrude was informed that
the Conservator intended to purchase a REPLACEMENT investment property in the San Marino/Pasadena
area. (Gertrude claims Santa Monica NOT San Marino)

Note the common “After some discussion” when ever Boskovich speaks to Gertrude who is reluctant to do
something. Why is “After some discussion” needed when Schmidt claims “whole hearted” her mother
wanted to sell?

Gertrude agrees to the sale ONLY for a IRC 1031 sale which Schmidt never planned to complete.
Why is Schmidt present during conversations with Gertrude and her attorney?
Why is there a need for “after some discussion”?
Why did the 1031 Sale never take place?
Why is BAIT AND SWITCH used against a senior? It’s obvious the goal was to get permission to sell. Say
anything to convince Gertrude to approve, and then change the entire transaction.


The obvious use of Gertrude when she goes along with scams by Schmidt who is then ignored when she
does not go along with an agenda of Schmidt.

Bait and switch is used over and over in this conservatorship. The court is told they will put funds into a
blocked account, then they inform the court that is it not possible, instead to keep access to all 2 million
dollars they increase a bond from $83k to $100,100k at a huge cost to the estate. Bonds cost money,
blocked accounts do not. Not one penny is protected or has ever been in a blocked account.
Schmidt blocks any visits by Robert, Gertrude’s’ son stating the reason is “so they can not talk about Sylvia
or the conservatorship”. However Schmidt allows un-monitored phone calls to claim “My brother is coaching
Gertrude or influencing her”. Please pay attention to how Sylvia uses people, lies, changes statements and
uses the conservatorship to control and use Gertrude.

Read the entire CON-servatorship scam Violet Boskovich was involved in
Gertrude Gettinger

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