Andrea G. VanLeesten


California Bar Info:
Andrea Goins VanLeesten #152628
License Status: Active
Address: VAN LEESTEN LAW CORP, 6101 W Centinela Ave Ste 392, Culver City, CA 90230-6368
County: Los Angeles County
Phone Number: (310) 410-1717
Fax Number: (310) 410-1747
Law School: Georgetown Univ Law Ctr; Washington DC
6/6/1991 Admitted to The State Bar of California


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Actual Comment from Complaint Board Above
Provided terrible legal representation. Manipulated situations to maximize her billing fees. Never filed one legal document in the case, acted more like a broker, yet managed to run up a big fee. Became hostile and abusive later on in the case. Didn’t provide frequent billing statements and hit me up with a big bill at the end and then informed me that she was terminating her legal services. Beware when you sign a retainer with an attorney, they really have you at their mercy, and if they’re dishonest, they can really leave you hurting financially. This one didn’t even try and work very much for my interests. It was disgusting. Just a real fraud.

Ernest L. Moore

Jonesv.Brown (In re Estate of Jones)
Crosby Dashawn Lashay Guardianship

Andrea G. Van Leesten
How to Make Money Practicing Elder Law
For the past 20 years I have been practicing in the area of estates, trusts, and probate law—and that is my definition of elder law. The elder law practitioner advises clients on business assets, family inheritance, Social Security benefits, advance directives, and more. As individuals mature, all that they have accomplished becomes their estate, and elder law touches on all of it. Practicing elder law as a solo, you can make a great living and also find personal satisfaction in making a difference for your clients. Along the way you will be involved with some of the best attorneys in the practice. STORY

Elder Law for Solos, GP Solo, July-August 2013, at 74

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