Annette Aiassa


Victim Annette Aiassa
Case 1-11-CV-210378
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On the morning of December 13, 2013 an elderly Ms. Annette Aiassa [“Aiassa”] and her power of attorney Ms. Gina McCall came before Judge Socrates Manoukian in Department #19, California Superior Court, Santa Clara County. Aiassaappeared to be in her 80s or 90s, looked frail, and had difficulty functioning independently, walked gingerly leaning on her walking stick. Aiassa was self representedand stacked up against an attorney represented opposing party. Despite visually obvious, Judge Socrates Manoukian abusively stated that Aiassa looked to him to be just fine. Judge Manoukian did not even offer Aiassa a chair to sit down. Instead, the Courtroom Sheriff deputy felt bad and brought a chair. Aiassa explained her life difficulties, claiming death of her husband, numerous serious medical ailments and hospitalizations, being bankrupted by unscrupulous attorneys, losing her home, et al. Manoukian showed no empathy and repeatedly insulted her, cutting this poor elderly woman off from speaking and threw her out of the Court.

Being frustrated, Aiassa on her way out of the court room said “Shame on You!” to Judge Socrates Manoukian. Aiassa further added, “He doesn’t want to hear it”. Other parting remarks from Aiassa included words to the effect that they are not interested injustice, and that Judge Manoukian should be ashamed of himself. The outcome in Aiassa’S court case was terminating sanctions against Aiassa, an equivalent of a “sudden death” using NFL football terminology. This essentially means shutting the justice door on Aiassa and that the opposing side prevails on the case effectively by default. To add insult to injury the ruling came without allowing Aiassa an opportunity to be heard.

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