California Victims

California is one of the most corrupt states in America
California Victims

California Corruption

Some of the worst cases include the following:

Chief Justice Ronald George
Presiding Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe
Santa Clara County Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian
Pasadena California Judge Candace Beason

California corruption starts at the top with dishonest people like Ronald George
who created SBX211

Exposure is the best solution to the problem. Join Facebook (it’s Free) and search for victims and victim groups. Network and find others in your city and state. Their is power in numbers and the enemy is paid, strong and will even break the law to hide their crimes. Report and document everything, report it to
the California bar and the Judicial Board. Even if nothing is done its evidence you did what was right and those in charge did nothing.

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Build your own website, its simple and effective. Look into a WordPress website
which can be set up easily. More HERE  about how.

If you’re a victim of corruption in California contact COURT VICTIMS UNITED ABOVE

aviva k. bobb ronald m. george david p. yaffe socrates p. manoukian corrupt judges destroying america


California is one of the most corrupt states in America
Millions of California Corruption victims


California Corruption Victims via Judges, lawyers, Police Government, judges fail to protect plaintiffs allow dishonesty, crime, perjury and abuse in court

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