In a nutshell

People allow or get involved in Conservatorship because they trust in “False Images” that their loved ones are going to be protected.

Example words to mislead :”Conservator or Guardian, laws, conservatorship rules”
Conservatorship rules

Example of participants you expect to be protecting your loved one:
A Judge
PVP Lawyer (chosen by the court not your loved one)
Probate investigators

Government agencies:
APS Adult Protective Services
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
DOJ Department of Justice

The above is a ruse to get you onboard, convince you to help and play the game.

The Crime then is laws, conservatorship rules, county or state codes are useless because they’re ignored.
The judge who should be stopping the crimes and abuse when provided with documents and evidence does nothing and allows things to continue.

Even probate investigators who are paid by your loved one’s estate ignore documentation, evidence of abuse or theft provided to them that should be investigated.

The Judge who should be stepping up and doing something (is in fact the main criminal) who allows these crimes to continue and is commonly bribed.

The judge seals documents, hearings and help stop outside agencies or help from exposing the truth.

Once you know your judge has been bribed you realize no amount of money spent on lawyers or court hearings will stop whats going on. Yet they’ll then say “Go to court and tell the judge” but what really happens is you’ll go into debt and that judge will keep ignoring you. It’ all designed to NOT render justice but to continue to feed greedy unethical lawyers.

Once the truth is lied about and ignored they build on that fact and judges ruling “They found nothing” yet truth is they never looked. When a judge ignores petitions, law and evidence that expose the truth the criminals or guilty claim “The court found no wrongdoing” and they build on that to continue.

Worse then they allow the guilty (Abusers) to sue you for their legal fees claiming “You filed an invalid petition and are responsible for their fees” They did this to me.

Imagine you stand before a judge with evidence documented “$200k in bank accounts is missing, the original petition was proven to be perjured, lawyer outright lied claiming to have hired a PI to find you but did not. They never sent notice of any of these hearings to family and the judge says in court.

“I don’t see anything wrong here”

That’s when you realize nothing you do will change anything as long as this judge is on the bench. That’s also the moment the guilty or criminals move forward claiming there are no such crimes. Why because one person ruled against the truth.

Like Britney Spears everything depends on one person “The judge” and if that judge is corrupt and working with the lawyers who profit, who do you think the judge will side with? SO they get creative and create hearings, petitions and paper work all designed to falsely support the conservatorship and create legal fees.

The judge should be asking the victim and ruling in the victim’s best interest, In my case my mother is over medicated due to lies and manipulation of doctors, so the excuse then is “you can’t trust the victim she’s mentally ill”.

Finally, making someone a “Conservator or Guardian” means your loved one loses everything, rights, freedoms, choice and their life. For that person now controls their money and can pay themselves anything they want.

That in a nutshell is what “Conservatorship and Guardianship is to me having been involved in one for over 14 years”.

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