Christopher Jordan Dorner


Christopher Jordan Dorner and Chief Bill Braton
LAPD could not ignore X LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner who took the law into his own hands. Apparently Dorner was a good officer who reported his training officer for kicking a mentally ill person. After Dorner filed his report LAPD sided with the unethical officer who had inside ties with the department. This led to the firing of Dorner for doing the right thing while the problem officer was promoted. Dorner took the legal, ethical route and filed a legal action which also ended coming before one of the most unethical Los Angeles Superior Court Judges David Yaffe who was found to be accepting bribes by Los Angeles county. What this meant is anyone going before Judge David P. Yaffe would not be given a fair trial due to the bribery.

Are we told the truth about what really happened or are we told a different story to cover up what Christopher Dorner was exposing

“I know I will be vilified by the LAPD and the media”

What the public needs to know is Christopher Dorner did in fact try and do this the right and legal way.  He even went to court and found out our legal system is filled with dishonesty, fraud and con artists like famed Judge David Yaffe

The tax payer needs to dig deeper into these stories as major media seems to ignore facts.  See the relationship  between Judge David Yaffe and Christopher Dorner and how Dorner did do the right thing and even went the proper legal path to be heard. What happens to good law abiding people who expose the corruption going on in California unfortunately is common. Since they can’t deny or refute the truth their only option is to slander or destroy the character
of the person coming forward with evidence. This is actually very common in court rooms and used by lawyers. Its not about justice or fair play instead about who is the better liar and con-artist.

More ties to a known corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court judge
Dorner’s Demise Links to ‘Corrupt’ Judge David Yaffe

The Christopher Dorner story in short:

Dorner filed a complaint against an LAPD officer, who kicked a one of the people in the face. Dorner was dismissed from the LAPD as the result of the complaint. Dorner filed a petition for reinstatement. The petition was denied by corrupt California Judge David Yaffe.

The complaint against David Yaffe, Lee Baca, and others involved in the case of Richard Fine was filed with the US Attorney Office in Los Angeles. The US Attorney refused to take any action, or even confirm receipt of the complaints.

Judge David Yaffe is a well known Los Angeles Superior Court judge who was proven to accept bribes from the County of Los Angeles as to rule against any claims holding the country responsible

Corrupt California Judge David Yaffe played a key role in the Christopher Dorner case

The problem and scam is simple, people report crimes and violations to proper authorities however these same agencies fail to investigate of file the complaints attempting to pretend they never took place. When the public commits crimes they act, however when they or those involved with them commit crimes nothing is done.

Fresh questions over Christopher Dorner’s dismissal as hunt continues

A communication breakdown and overzealous police officers who flocked to the San Bernardino Mountains wanting to be the ones who captured disgraced former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner made a dangerous situation even more dangerous

Police Foundation Pictorial and story SHOWN HERE

Christopher Dorner manhunt report: communication breakdowns, problematic officer self-deployment
Report shows courage and shortcomings in Christopher Dorner response

If Christopher Dorner is called a Killer Cop, what do we call police who kill unarmed citizens and victims. Do we send out legions of police to hunt them down? The double standards of who can kill and who is prosecuted for killing makes no sense


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Watch the video below which obviously has proof in the audio reports by media, the false statements made by police and the actual police audio from
radio calls

What happens when Police don’t do the right thing? When you do the right thing, come forward with evidence of crimes and violations of our rights. How do people explain police actions of shooting cars and people who had no resemblance to Christopher Dorner or his vehicle.