2001 11 05 S Schmidt Email moving to San Marino all well with Gertrude

Motive: in 2000 Sylvia Schmidt was disinherited by her father Franz L. Gettinger who she ignored for over 35 years after the divorce of her parents. Sylvia went into a rage when she found out and blamed her brother Robert who had tried on numerous occasions to get Sylvia to reconnect with her father. Sylvia even went to the extent to threaten Robert when he brought up the matter.

Mail forwarding
Identity Theft
Embezzlement of (2) bank accounts Aprox. $200,000.00 removed from Gertrude’s estate
Billing for work not provided
Lying to Doctors
Fraudulent Documents submitted to the court
Family member profiting from investments and investing funds in the name of Gertrude
Mailing documents and notice of legal hearings to the wrong address
Failing to mail complete documents

Conspiracy involving:
Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt
1st Lawyer Christopher Overgaard
PVP Violet M. Boskovich
2nd Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr.
Judge Candace J. Beason



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