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los angeles county sheriff deputy tai plunkett

Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Tai Plunkett
did a very cowardly thing when he pointed a loaded gun at an innocent, unarmed man Ken Sheppard. This is how the public loses respect for all police when a few bad apples who are really nothing more than cowards with badges get hired. The fact is if you’re going to pull a gun every time you do a stop you should’nt be working in law enforcement. Ken Sheppard was victimized, abused and terrozied by a public servant who should be about safety and security not afraid of his shadow.
Then on top of the fact Sheriff Deputy Tai Plunkett over reacted and put his gun to Ken Sheppards head he and his partners fabricated a citation as revenge. That fact alone make us lose all respect for Sheriff Deputy Tai Plunkett.

“When realizing Sheppard was breaking no law, the deputies then conspired to fabricate vehicular citations against him to justify Plunkett’s reckless threat to kill him.”

“Do not fucking reach!” an enraged Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy shouted after pulling out his gun on a licensed private investigator sitting in his car in a residential neighborhood working on a case.

But all Ken Sheppard was doing was reaching towards his ear to remove his cell phone ear piece in order to better hear the deputy.

However, that was enough to make deputy Tai Plunkett fear for his life where he kept the gun pointed at Sheppard’s head with trembling hands in a surreal scene seemingly out of a movie.

“Man, you need to put your weapon down,” Sheppard replied, remaining surprisingly composed.

Another deputy walked up and Sheppard addressed her, hoping she would diffuse the situation.

“Deputy, he’s got a weapon pointed at my head, I haven’t done a thing,” he told deputy Caroline Rodriguez.

But she also pulled out her gun, further escalating the situation.

More deputies arrived, including Sergeant Hollis, who eventually got Plunkett to lower his weapon, but only after ordering Sheppard out the car so he could be frisked and handcuffed.

They also searched his vehicle without a warrant.

When realizing Sheppard was breaking no law, the deputies then conspired to fabricate vehicular citations against him to justify Plunkett’s reckless threat to kill him.

And it was all documented on one of Sheppard’s recording devices – apparently unknowing to the deputies – enabling the private investigator to file a lawsuit.

But despite the video evidence that all of the above did take place, a federal jury ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department last month.

However, Sheppard says the jury was never shown the full video, which you can see below.

Deputy Plunkett is not mentally stable to carry a firearm and uphold the law based on the videow below. The Officer pulled a gun on an American citizen that was breaking no laws. Then when his superior officers arrived and told him to lower his weapon he hesitated, stared at the so called suspect with the most demonic, confused and hateful eyes I have ever seen. Then requested to taze the so call suspect for no apparent reason and still did not lower his weapon. Officer Plunkett continued to hold his firearm in the citizen’s face with his finger still directly on the trigger and he was shaking. An Officer like this DOES NOT need to be policing our streets. This happened two years ago and Officer Plunkett was acquitted last week of all charges from the incident. So now due to his acquittal I know the real monster will unleash once again. So we beg you to sign this petition before Officer Plunkett kills an innocent unarmed civilian. It is just a matter of time!

Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies full name is Tai A. Plunket


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Judgement info HERE

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