Anna Galeyeva

Anna Galeyeva

Anna Galeyeva

Anna’s Story
My name is Revekka Yevdayev and my daughter Anna is a severely disabled 34 year-old child with the mental capacity of a 6 year-old.  Anna is being abused by the System that is designed to help disabled people like her.  Please help me bring attention to this case!

1992                                       We came to the US from former Soviet Union on March 8, 1992
1992 – 1994                         Anna was attending Harbor City School (not specialized)
1994 – 1997                         Anna’s condition started getting worse and I tried to get help.  I heard that Regional Centers are meant to handle mentally challenged and help families with disabled children so I applied to Harbor Regional Center (HRC) in Torrance, CA.  I was not successful and was not able to get any help from HRC.  Luckily a volunteer from a Jewish organization hired a lawyer to help me with the case from a private law firm Newman, Aaronson & Vahaman.  Only with the efforts from this lawyer we were finally able to receive services from HRC
1997-2001                            Anna was attending Willenberg Educational Center in San Pedro, CA.
2001-2002                            Anna was attending Kayne-Eraze Center in Culver City, CA.
Early 2002                          Anna’s condition was getting worse, her blood pressure was 75/25 with uncontrollable seizures.  She started frequently missing school and because of her many absences she was discharged from the Center. She would spend the next 4 years at home.
Middle 2002                      Several months later her condition slowly started improving.
Once her condition started improving I hoped to find a Day Program for her because I had to find a job and asked HRC on numerous occasions to help me.  HRC ignored all my requests and didn’t provide any help.  After not being able to get help from HRC I ended up placing Anna in a group home.

I was not successful in getting any assistance from HRC because of my limited English so after numerous attempts I requested to change my counselor in hopes that a different person could help me.  I met with the counselor’s supervisor Mary Hernandez but was denied this change.

Psychiatrist Dr. Vanessa Hernandez also requested change of counselor but because the request was denied she refused to provide care to Anna

Neurologist Dr. C. Heck was not successful with her request to change counselor either.

Middle 2006                      Anna was feeling worse again.  She was depressed and was suffering seizures.  I became very exhausted from taking care of depressed Anna and battling with HRC trying to get help for us.  During one episode I was helpless and called the police begging them to take Anna into a specialized neurological hospital.  Anna was taken away.

Instead of a hospital a depressed and disabled child with the capacity of a 6 year-old was placed in jail.  She wasn’t given her medications and as a result her seizures escalated, and by the time I found out where she was she had a broken tooth.  I had to post bail in the amount of $3000 to get her out.

After this Anna’s case was transferred to Department 95 for the Disabled.  However all court’s rulings were ignored by HRC.  One of these rulings was to place Anna into a Day Program.

Late 2006                            Instead of the Day Program Anna was placed into a different Group Home in Norwalk, CA.  She spent a total of 3 weeks there, but was treated so badly that 2 of the weeks she spent in the hospital.

After 3 weeks at the Group Home Anna was brought back home after her strong request.

Middle 2007                      The lawyer who was helping us was finally able to convince the Court to order individualized services for Anna 3 times a week 2 hours a day.  Anna showed significant progress while she was receiving this care.  The program stopped after 1 month.

Late 2007                            Anna started suffering from depression again and as result we had numerous visits to ER at the College Hospital in Costa Mesa, CA.

The HRC counselor tried to convince the Court that was the reason for Anna’s depression was my negligence and that she would get even worse.  However, the lawyer-hired psychiatrist testified several times that Anna’s condition is ongoing and her depression is not a result of where she is at the time.  He also suggested that the least stressful situation for Anna would be to stay at home with her mom.

Middle 2008                      Anna only received a probation and was brought home, and the Court appointed her to visit the Day Program.  HRC only approved one kind of Day Program that unfortunately was not well-suited for Anna.  While there she felt scared and insecure.  In addition to that, she was suffering from liver dysfunction that was the result of her being overdosed on medication while she was in a Group Home.  While in Day Program she was vomiting every day.  The Day Program administrator finally suggested that Anna be taken home because of her condition.

For next several months Anna stayed at home, and during that time there were no visits to the ER or calls to the Police.

Late 2008                            I received a message that I should appear in Court with Anna on December 2, 2008, and no explanation was given.  When we arrived in Court, Anna was taken from me and taken to jail.  I did not get any reasonable explanation, and all that was told to me was the same information provided by HRC 2 years ago.

Anna spent 2 weeks in jail without medication.  Because of numerous seizures she ended up having a broken leg.

After jail Anna was put into Ambitions Group Home.  The reason she ended up going to jail and then group home from home where she should be, is because Harbor Regional Center is doing everything possible to keep Anna in the system, because the government pays them $18,000 per month for every person!

Middle 2010               Around middle of 2010, when I still was Anna‟s conservator, she started complaining of lower back pain. As it was my right, as a conservator, I’ve made an appointment with MD. Ber, who was treating Anna for many years, to find out what the problem was.

Upon learning this, Harbor Regional Center in the face of so called “Patients Rights” advocate
KATIE HORNBERGER put denial on my rights. I didn’t get any reasonable explanation of this decision.
After 1 month it happened the Commissioner of Dep.95-A Laura Hymowitz “covered” this
Illegal decision, announcing illegal verdict: “Termination of my Conservatorship”.
Again, no reasonable explanations were given briefly, as well as printed reason for such verdict.  The same way I did not get any explanation as to why my daughter’s left hand was covered all over by black bruises on her birthday which is clearly visible from the attached picture
Obviously, it were 2 reasons to do so:

1. As soon Anna would be seen by In depended Doctor, he will find out right away that She is overmedicated.
2. Without conservatorship I cannot get my daughter out of the webs of corruption System.

After 2 months the conservatorship was revoked Anna was taken to the store. Leaved unattended she fells down and brakes right ankle in 3 places.In the ER, where Anna was brought, Doctor said, that Anna is overmedicated. No one from HRC called me, explaining of what happened.

After 1 week, being in the Hospital, Anna was discharged into the Nursing Home. To save money HRC picked up the cheapest one. The Doctor requested, that Anna doesn‟t put any weight on her ankle at all. This request was completely ignored. She was not provided crutches, walker or bedside commode.

When I came to visit Anna one week later, I‟ve noticed that her ankle is bleeding through the cast. This was Friday and I was assured by Adm. of Group Home Sandy Vergara, that the following Monday Anna will be taken to see Doctor.

I’ve told her, that if anything else will happen to Anna during the weekend, Ambitions Group Home would be fully responsible. At that point Anna was taken to ER immediately, and Doctors Found out, that her ankle was severely infected. Anna was prescribed 2 antibiotics .Although, it was evident, that Ambitions didn‟t follow Doctor‟s requests, they were adamant that They kept Anna off her ankle and that there was nothing that they did or didn‟t do that resulted

In Anna‟s ankle being severe infected. When I requested Physical Therapy for Anna, I was told, that I would be responsible for any expenses out-of-pocket. In addition to the broken ankle Anna was suffering from debilitating headaches and vomiting. One day I also noticed a concave impression on the right side of her head – the same side, as injured ankle. Once, I brought this up to the staff in an attempt to investigate where these bruises and injures are coming from, I was told, that I would have to pay for the test/procedure out-Of-pocket.

Being in Nursing Home Anna got fungus on her left toenail. Instead of taking her to podiatrist She was taken to Family Doctor, who only prescribed oral medicine – one more prescription on The top of all the rest of the medications she has to take when I‟ve noticed an over the counter version of the medicine in the form of a lotion ($ 8.00 dol.) I was told that they cannot get it, because it is not covered by Medi-Cal. Once, again, besides money, nothing worries Regional Center. For many years I am trying to convince Adm. of Ambitions Group Home, that Ibuprofen, which is given to Anna, never helped her. Instead, only one answer:” It‟s the same painkiller and Medi-Cal doesn‟t cover it”. „

Anna continuously gets horrible headaches. But $ 18.000 a month not enough to get Tylenol from over the counter. Sandy Vergara (Administrator of Group Home) is very lucky if in her 50-s doesn‟t have experience of getting strongest headaches, as my daughter gets, or she would know the difference between Tylenol and Ibuprofen and, maybe, would hear about problems of speechless patient.

What can we expect from unprofessional staff if Adm. doesn‟t know the difference?

For many years I am fighting to get my daughter out of the System, but Department of Mental Health with full support of Department 95-A intentionally holding my daughter for their financional gain, professionally terrorizing and destroying humans‟ health and lives.

On 06/22/11 my daughter was brought to the court hearing barely moving, supported by 2 people (sign of overmedication).
As always, our case was kept till very end – the System doesn‟t need unwanted eyewitnesses.
The whole scenario was very predictable. Because it is not 1 year since last violation happened
1. Overmedication
2. Illegally taken Conservatorship
3. As a result of above – broken ankle, head trauma, fungus
4. Discrimination
5. Replacing dropped crown
6. Changing Day Program
7. Beating
8. Police reports

Director of Mental Health Department Mr. M. Southard to avoid punishment, ruled out the court hearing by his cruel way, using his broad experience of dealing with gravely disabled people. He cheated my daughter by his tricky way: outside of the courtroom he asked my innocent child if she wants to change Day Program taking her far away from real issue. It sounds HUMILIATING!!! Mr. Southard M., cheating my daughter, found simple way to keep my daughter one year longer to gain more money for the cost of my daughter life Anna is still being taken to the same Day Program, that doesn‟t fit her needs. Very noisy, crowd, Hot (no conditioner – saving money).

Of course, Anna comes Home barely alive, having more and more seizure. In spite of my numerous requests the Day Program Staff quid Anna to public toilet instead providing her of individual bucket to vomit when she feels sick. They ran the risk of sickening Anna further with their ant sanitary handling.

And it‟s under “silent” supervision of Commissioner of Department 95-A LAURA HYMOWITZ, of Dir. Of Department of Mental Health MARVIN SOUTHARD, Acting Director of Patients Rights of DMH JEFF COHEN, Public Guardians TANEISHA FRANKLYN, Dir. Of Harbor Regional Center PAT DELMONOCO, Attorney of HRC RICHARD SCHWARTZ, Adm. Of Ambitions Corporation RICHARD PEACE.

Trying to avoid deserved accusations and shameful publicity commissioner of Department 95-A  Laura Humowitz and Dir. of DMH Marvin Southard use cruel and heartless way to force me to close already nationally well known website.

During numerous meetings through involved parties I got ultimate demand – to do “favor” to both untouchable authorities and close my website right away. (By my knowledge, my website is not only one existing site, which reflects criminal and illegal activity of empowered couple).

Immediately after my refusal I was told briefly by Administrator of Ambitions group home Sandy Vergara that I am not allowed to visit my daughter and even contact with her via the phone for 1 month!!!

On all my requests to provide me written explanation of this ILLEGAL step I didn’t get anything…

One week later I got back my rights for calls and visits.

On 01/06/2012 I’ve got call from counselor of Harbor Regional Center – Iolanta  Rodriques, who shamelessly announced briefly AGAIN, that I am not allowed to visit and call to my daughter. No reasonable explanation was given.

Talking to me, Iolanta Rodriquez didn’t have any papers about Denial of my rights.But, after my strong demands after 3 hours I’ve received by Fax freshly created so-called “document “, as denial of my rights.

To get help due to breaches of the law and endless manipulations of  “untouchable” couple  on 01/09/2012  I appealed to DESIGNATED AUTHORITIES of the system of Mental Health, as:

1. JERRY BROWN                 – governor and acting Dir. of DMH
2. JEFF COHEN                 – acting Director of Patients Rights
3. LEE SMALLEY EDMON -presiding Judge of Superior Court of LA County
4. RONALD BROWN            -Public Defender Office of LA County
6. JONATHAN FIELDING, MD. MPH -Director of Public Health of LA County

Instead of needed help (to cancel immediately ILLEGAL decision, maiden on behalf and to please above mentioned couple), which was expected,  no one word of explanation I deserved to get from DESIGNATED AUTHORITIES.

I got clear picture that the System, which was created to serve needs of Mentally disabled just leads by own created rules, what is far away from Law  requirements.

When I’ve called to the Board of Supervisors – District 4 , asking for help I was connected to REBECCA TIM.  She assured me that issue regarding Denial of my rights will be reviewed and decision will be mailed to me as soon as possible.

After 2 weeks I’ve tried to get an answer from the same person REBECCA TIM and she simply didn’t remember the case number of my suffering daughter.

On 02/07/2012 I’ve got letter from Assistant Of Presiding Judge DAVID S.WESLEY. He wrote, that  “ forwarded the letter to the Hon. PATRICIA SCNEGG  –  Supervising Judge of the criminal courts”  (back to the very same court, that made an original unjust decision, the sole legality of which  I have questioned and ask to overturn) .

On 03/13/2012, followed   advice of Hon.SAMATHA JESSNER, I’ve appealed to  COMMISSION   ON JUDICIAL  PERFORMANCE.

On 05/15/2012 I’ve got very predictable response from COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL PERFORMANCE.

It took 2 months to send me determination “not to take further action on my complain”.

No doubts, that, covered by  high ranks  members of Commission fully patronize and support ongoing crimes, corruption  and lobbyism   in the Health System, creating disaster and danger for the State of CA, damaging international reputation of entire country, as well.

And it happens with the full absence of control of the Governor of the State of CA JERRY BROWN, who simply ignores interests of people in needs, covering and hiding wrongdoers from investigation and punishment.

I know, that no one, (to whom I was appealing for many years, has and never will have any answers on my straight questions, specifically:

2.            OVERMEDICATION – which resulted in heavy irreparable damage to the health of my gravely disabled daughter
3.            SADISTIC PRACTICE OF ILLEGAL DENIAL of my visitations, including phone calls
4.            FIVE MONTHS OF ILLEGAL FULL ISOLATION of my daughter from me for only one reason – TO FORCE ME TO CLOSE WEBSITE
7.            CONTINUOUSLY BLACKMAILING ME TO FABRICATE COMPROMAT against me and my family, which will completely destroy all our attempts to get back ILLEGALLY TAKEN


Trying to pull Anna out of corrupted System at the end of 2011 our family hired a lawyer JOHN E. ROGERS (law firm of CAR EN NIELSEN} to get back ILLEGALY taken conservatorship. However, the System used attorney, hired by the family, for its own interests to inflict next in turn in moral and material damages.  Incontrovertible proof of collaboration between attorney, hired by the family, and court- is “FORGETFULLNESS” of both parties to inform family about day hearing. Just 3 weeks later the court hearing we recognized, that court (instead August had place in June) declined our request to remove Public Guardian (who protects interests of the court and private companies, but not conservatee) from conservator. Anna was not present. No surprise, that that case was not done to benefit Anna’s interests.For 8 months Anna is without any reason (one of main diagnosis- depression) is not allowed to speak to loving family. For 8 months, ruled by the attorney, we didn’t make any reports to Police or Licensing, although Anna was constantly beaten.

07/29/2012 – Anna’s birthday. Our big family once again became a witness of numerous bruises and scratches on Anna’s body. To hide real situation going out Administrator of Ambitions Group Home, as always, prohibited taking pictures with the family.

Anna’s health is going worse and worse.

09/07/2012 – because I have in my possession Anna’s REQUEST to protect her, signed in the presence of many witnesses, I’ve called to Administrator of privately owned Ambitions Group Home RICHARD PEACE and told him, that I am going to use Anna’s REQUEST to get second opinion. His reaction was very predictable. He started to scream, that Anna doesn’t have right to sign any papers (she has just right to be beaten, to be overmedicated, mistreated by the staff, discriminated …. ). Finally, he advised me to call TENESHA FRANKLYN- Public Guardian. He was very surprised when I’ve told him, that TENESHA FRANKLYN doesn’t work anymore. DAYNA COLLOWAY works instead. He promised to call me back, after he finds out of what is going on. Of course, he didn’t call. His behavior is understandable. If I take Anna to in depended Doctor- right away Doctor will find out, that Anna is overmedicated (as it was before). In 2 hours called DAYNA COLLOWAY. “Prepared” by RICHARD PEACE she was very rude and arrogant. She didn’t listen to me about Anna’s health, but she said, that next week she is going to visit Anna and after she will – decide when to call me. Probably, she doesn’t know yet, that even one of the main “gamblers” of Mental Health System Dir. of Human Rights is JEFF COHEN recently “retired” …..

09/11/2012 – Call from Ambitions office. The person introduced itself as /OLANTA RODRIQUEZ (although, I didn’t recognize her voice). She said, that they (/OLANTA itself- representative of socalled “non-profit” organization, as HRC; RICHARD PEACE- Administrator of privately owned Ambitions company in California; SANDY VERGARA – Administrator of 184 place Group Home, owned by private company Ambitions; GARY GEER, who works under umbrella of privately owned company Ambitions and Harbor Regional Center -psychologist) have gathered together (why not? Money are going out of Anna’s pocket) TO INFORME ME briefly again (no one wants to leave traces of committed crime), that Anna doesn’t have right to speak or have visits from her family. (/OLANTA RODRIQUEZ has forgot, that already 8 months as Anna doesn’t have right to call to her family). No reasonable explanation was given. “Gamblers” of the System are not original. 2 years ago the same way was used to remove conservatorship when I’ve asked permission to take Anna far second opinion.

AGAIN, to blackmail me, involved interested parties sadistically destroy Anna’s already ruined life.

AGAIN, I was referred to so called clients rights advocate of HRC (who protects interests of Harbor Regional Center, but not clients) EVA CASAS SARMIENTO. On my request to provide written explanation with the reason for denial, she shamelessly told, that is not going to give any reason (the reason only one- Anna’s request in my possession and my demand for second opinion). After arguing EVA CASAS SARMIENTO sent freshly1’created” so called “document”, as “Denial of Rights” of Anna Galeyeva.

AGAIN, so called “attorney”, by signing piece of paper as so called “Denial of Rights”, covered private company as AMBITIONS and her friend from Harbor Regional Center /OLANTA RODRIQUEZ.

AGAIN, trying to punish me, the System punished severe disabled child with only reason – to keep her in its webs, gain more money, and avoid real situation spread out.

09/12/2012 -I dropped food for Anna in front of the house and went to see some neighbors, who is very dissatisfy with Ambitions Group Home. Right away came RICHARD PEACE and called to police!

AGAIN- the same reason – to avoid real information spread around.
Year 2013 didn’t bring any relief. Under supervision of high authorities Anna has been kept OVERMEDICATED and it resulted even more irreparable damages to her health

1. Head traumas
2. Uncontrollable loosing urine
3. Broken nose
4. Mood swings
5. Dizziness
6. Tremor in extremities
7. Very low blood pressure
8. Terrible pain in legs (were not treated properly)
9. Deep depression
10. Vomiting
11. Inability to walk
12. Broken fingers
13. Anna has been seen by, at least , 50 different Doctors , including ER

06/07/2013 Due to horrible bruises on ANNAS’ body Police was called – to make a Welfare Check. POLICE OFFICERS were not allowed to make pictures.

But, as I was told by the Supervisor of Public Guardian Office ANNE FORTSON (213) 974-0527,

No one will help me, because we are in USA (one of 3 countries in whole world, who didn’t sign Convention on Human Rights…).

At the end of conversation she suggested, if I am not satisfy, to call to Public Defender Office (323) 226-2932, what I did. I found out, that since 2010 Anna doesn’t have Public Defender. Again, COMMITED CRIME.

At last, Group Home doesn’t have Administrator. Unprofessional staff does, whatever wants.

On 06/072013 CAREN HOWARD (323) 981-3968, so called, “ investigator” from Licensing tried to assure me, that she has seen all documents – and DORRIS BELL is Administrator of Ambitions 184 place Group Home. Also she said, that SANDY VERGARA trained DORRIS BELL and now DORRIS BELL will train a woman by name SUNJAN (the real name of SANDY VERGARA)……………

On 06/07/2013 – very the same day, so called “counselor” (another wrongdoer) from Harbor Regional Center CHARLIE GRATTO (310) 540-1711 also was trying to assure me, that HOSEPHINA is Administrator…..


On 06/07/2013 PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA, while visiting state of CA, instead, in observance of July 4, admit, that Health System (including Mental Health System) FULLY DESCREDITED itself, shamelessly has congratulated the GOVERNOR OF THE STATE JERRY BROWN with perfectly reorganized Health System.

Thus, President covered up all crimes, committed by “REORGANIZED” System.

No doubts left, that President simply supports crime and mafia.

2013-2014 nothing has been changed:
1. Over medication, and as a result:
-Mood swings
-Tremor in extremities
-Horrible pain in legs
-Deep depression
-Inability to walk
2. Unprofessional staff
3. Unappropriated Day Program….

I gave up to bring justice to the horrible situation to get my daughter out of the Criminal System, supported by the Government.

And I’ve decided to get out of country as a political refugee. Representatives of Corrupted System, as Jacklyn Cordell, Dayna Colloway, Ann Fortson (Public Guardian Office); Mary Hernandez ( Harbor Regional Center) completely lost control and were screaming as crazy, that they will not allow me to go out of the country, like they can rule by me and my family.

Because, in July we will get another court, “wrongdoers” began “fabricate” new stories about me started from April. (To be prepared for the court).

05/30/2014 I was invited to so called annual meeting. I went together with journalist Terrelle Jerrings, who is trying to write book about “Human Rights” in” Democratic country”. But he was not allowed to stay (the criminals don’t need publicity).

As I was explained, the reason of the meeting is complain of representative of Harbor Regional center on call by name Mercedes.

I was blamed, that, calling almost every weekend to HRC I bother consular of Harbor Regional Center on call Mercedes.

“And she is the one, who has maiden complain about me”. On my remark, that I don’t have too many choices on weekends, when Anna calls, hysterically crying, that she is afraid of the staff, I can call just to Police or representative of Harbor Regional Center on call.

I’ve mentioned that, if, “reason” of meeting Mercedes’ complain, they should not bother them and me and “compose” everything they want (as always).

When “Slaves of the system” realized, that, I recognized their “game”- further conversation was not necessary.

Because all three didn’t expect me to remember about court and were not “instructed” by officials about next step so called meeting was over.

06/01/2014 Anna called and said that she is not any more Jewish. One of the staff by name Silvia given her cross and told her, that from now on she is a Christian.

Before Anna was not allowed to speak to me in Russian . Now System wants her to forget her identity.
My mother, survivor of Holocaust, under the Nazism didn’t go through as my daughter goes through in “Democratic country”.
Instead, to search for absence of human rights (read – “money”) around the world, making mess and “creating” useless sanctions, designated authorities should return back and work with its mess.

06/30/14   – Court – re-appointment as conservator (RETROACTIVELY AND RATIFICATION OF ACTS).

Through Police Officer  I’ve passed papers  (including my site) on the name of the Court, where I described what we were going through, being in the System for 8 long years and why I want to go out of country as a political   refugee.

Most likely, that Judge, whom I never seen before, didn’t read my site and needed time to decide what to do…?

Decision was “found”.  Judge told us, that because our lawyer didn’t come????? , we have to come back in 1 week.

07/07/14 – Commissioner of Department 95 –A, famously known, LAURA HUMOWITZ told me that, because  this time MD didn’t come, we have to come back in 3 days. Obviously, Court knew it from the very beginning ,  because Anna was not brought and besides me no one  represented her.

07/09/14 – On the list this time written, that the reason for the Court hearing is TERMINATION OF CONSERVATOR.

Anna was brought hardly walking (OVERMEDICATION).  “THEATER OF ABSURD” is ruled by main criminals – Director of Department of Mental Health MARVIN SOUTHARD and Commissioner of Department 95 –A   LAURA HYMOWITZ.

MARVIN SOUTHARD, as always, took Anna inside to exam her (execute).  Later Anna told me, that he was asking   where she is going with mother. Poor creature, missing our relative, told him, that we are going to Arizona (providing wishful thinking as reality ).

Unexpectedly court room was full.

When LAURA HUMOWITZ, pointing at MARVIN SOUTHARD, said, that MD.MARK BERRENSON…..????  Is going to test Anna, I became completely confused.

(When International Tribunal will make decision to send MARK BERRENSON to jail will M. SOUTHARD also cover him???).

Dealing with swindlers for many years, I expected everything, but not insolent lie, when wrongdoers carelessly are making audience in the court room their accomplices.

As, if done pro forma, M.BERRENSON MD.  (Read MARVIN SOUTHARD) asked Anna no significant questions.

Commissioner, looking at Anna’s left hand, all over covered by bruises, asked counselor from Harbor Regional Center if she is aware.  I’ve mentioned that it is normal. Reaction was horrible, but predictable (crime should be silent) –   LAURA HUMOWITZ hushed me. Counselor said, that Anna is self -dangerous (no word about unprofessional staff), and Commissioner “swallowed”   this pill, based on false diagnose.

Further…  LAURA HUMOWITZ said that, she is going to remove Public Guardian, because Anna doesn’t want to be conserved, and put Conservatorship over Anna on Harbor Regional Center.  By representative of HRC she was told, that HRC doesn’t have lawyer any more… On my question why she doesn’t want to put conservatorship over me, Commissioner, as stung snake, refused it, providing irresponsible and absurd reason. Finally, she said, that, because this case is very complicated, patient will remain, conserved by Public Guardian (Of course, right away she’s forgot about Anna’s will).

It means, that being involuntarily involved into games of criminal authorities, who “composed” very complicated case and “assigned” Anna to be guilty and to  pay by her life and completely destroyed health to cover crime.

The same situation, on 7/17/14, when whole world again became silent eyewitness when without ground USA has sentenced Russia guilty with only one goal- to start next in turn war with only one reason- to make mess and get more money.

And, at last,  on my request to release Anna under care of our big family for next step – DEPARTURE OF COUNTRY, AS A POLITICAL REFUGEES  LAURA HUMOWITZ  completely lost control , screaming, that she will not allow us to leave country?…..

Probably, Commissioner has forgotten, that she is only insignificant screw in already started to shake corrupted System, but not a God.

Recently ,world again became a silent eye with witness ,when on 07/16/14 , using unconfirmed sweeping accusations ,without any ground ,USA has “ sentenced “ Russia to be a culprit in tragedy ,When Malaysian air plane was deadly crushed in Ukraine ,which actually had place on 7/17/14 . The whole scenario is very primitive and understandable –to cover new criminals ,making mess and starting next in turn wars with only one reason –to get more and more money ……

2014-2015            Because criminal and corrupted System try’s to save money by any chance Ambitions Group Home doesn’t have an Administrator for several years…. At the same time the ration of caregivers to residents is on 2 to 4.

Because of absence  of supervision the highly unprofessional staff is free to do  what they want, including over-medicating the residents . It results in the residents being dizzy and sleepy all day long. This leaves the staff with plenty of time to play on the phone, to watch TV, to gossip. There is no accountability and nobody seems to know answers to any questions.

Very often, instead taking care of residents, staff runs their personal errands, entering into communication book falsified  information.

Few months ago the management of Ambitions Inc .  in Torrance was changed, However its’ not resulted in any improvements:

1.       No administrator  for few years
2.       Over-medicating
3.       Despite on many requests Anna still doesn’t get regular water, enriched with electrolytes – only purified. As a result – interaction with medicine and numerous trips to ER
4.       Constant complains of subject to physical and emotional abuse in the form of beating over the head, teasing,  throwing  cold water over the head. Giving medications to participants, holding their hands back and closing nostrils at the same time
5.       In order to maintain System in status Quo and to cover its’  useless –  constant routine fabrication and falsification of documents by various professionals (see attached doc.)
6.       Violation in patients’  confidentiality by leaving private medical information (which supposed to be locked) around house and often used as a scratch paper (see attached doc.)
7.       In spite of court orders, maiden several years ago,  Anna didn’t get any dental work to replace 2 teeth, because money,  collected out of Annas’ pocket – were stolen.
8.       Anna lives in ant sanitary  condition
9.       Police reports for welfare checks
10.   Licensing investigations
11.   Endless trips to ER
12.   Just promises  to order Russian channels, at least for 10 months
13.   Manipulating by the residents.

06/22/2015  –  Monday . The court day. Anna was represented only by so called counselor  from Harbor Regional Center  Mishel Monserro, who’s  found out  at 10:3am,that Anna is transferred to ER. After she passed this information to “well known”  Marvin Southard  (sometimes he commits crime under the name ofMark Berenson) he took her outside of the court room to “ instruct”  (how to commit new crime).

When Commissioner Laura Humowitz (one of the main criminals) learned, that Anna is not coming, together with Marvin Southard and Representative from Public Guardian  Office  “dived”  under the table  (such low class and disrespect to itself)  to discuss further steps.                                                           After a  while,   when  they’ve got out  from under the table,  Commissioner  announced many times, that next court day will take place on July 03,2015.

As I understood later she has committed next in turn crime …

Unexpectedly,   talking to a representative of Patients Rights  Office Rashid  Jiffrey on july 02 2015 , I’ve found out,  that July 3, 2015 is a holiday.To confirm this information I’ve called to so called Public Guardian Linda Chao, who ‘s confusingly told me, that court  was today July 02, and she is still Annas’ conservator.

Criminal Laura Humowitz, providing  false information,  has had intention, that I am the one, who should miss  court day. Besides me all parties were informed.

As I found out later, Anna was represented by Mishel Monserro – HRC;   Jose – Administrator of Ambitions Inc.;  Sheina – person, who positions itself as an Administrator of Ambitions Group Home 184 place in Torrance; Dorris Bell – Administrator of Sunfield Group Home; Brenda – ……..???

From my  previous experience, most likely, gang of criminals  have  provided falcificated  and fabricated documents, which were  “successfully swollen”  by the court.


On July  16, 2015 Anna was taken again to the Hospital, where she should stay, at least, for 2 weeks.   Again were  provided  fabricated documents  to the Hospital .

In spite of brave proclamations of Government, Americans are getting poorer and poorer.

To keep “empty”  dollar “alive” USA  are  “searching” for absence of human rights all around the world  and chasing   only one goal – to start new wars. Mercilessly  sending young people to die, filling out its’ pockets. And,  when those kids are coming back with PTSD Mental Department  “gladly” accepts them, making again money, as it happened to my friends’ son Misha Bluvsteyn, who wanted to be a Doctor. The System used him, promising “golden mountains”. But after 4 years of servicing in Iraq, he’s got PTSD and as a result schizophrenia.

Veterans  Administration awarded him some money, which were “successfully” stolen… and poor creature was gladly “adapted” by System. The System did everything possible to isolate him from father and no one knows, if he is still alive.

2016        10 years since Anna was “adapted” by Criminal and Corrupted System.

Working more and more with completely rotten System I fully realize, that USA doesn’t have fundamental rights which supposed to be protected by Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion by lawyers.
The recent pattern of American violations of international law are
ultimately based in the corruption of the USA domestic legal system. Phony USA courts are very dangerous.
The reality is, that United States of America, which proclaims itself as the “land of freedom” has the most dishonest and crooked legal system of any developed nation. Legal corruption is covering America like a blanket. Regional Centers, as part of this corruption, market itself as place that took clients no one else would. But in reality they don’t want people to leave, they don’t want them to get better. The plan is – to keep them there and continue to collect their money and  to spend on their care as less as possible…(carelessly using chemical restrains – to subdue patients).

And finally, in case, if so called investigation done, (what is almost impossible) – tight circles of interconnected business associates in multiple companies, rename its’ company, change the address and send criminals (who should spend life in the prison) for temporary retirement with next in turn step – after while to let them come back to destroy more lives of speechless, innocent people.

So,  former   Commissioner of Department 95-A of Mental Health Court Laura Humowitz, who was recently “retired” (instead to go to the jail) after few

months has “resuscitated” from the ash as bird Phoenix at the Stanley Mosk Superior court  Department  008  (213) 830 – 0830…

So called  “private attorney”  Mark Berenson (who should spend the rest of his life in the prison without parole) after “announced’ retirement came out at the 23371 Mulholland Dr #238  Woodland Hills, CA 91364  (address before was 20841 Ventura Blvd., CA 91364). The phone is still the same (818) 591 – 2849 .

Former so called clients rights advocate  of  Harbor Regional Center Katie Hornberger,  who,  after committed  crime,   “composing” fake documents, has gotten rise and now commits crime… as a Supervisor at the Departmentof Social Services in Sacramento  (916) 504 – 5942,  (916) 734 – 2011.

Now,  Katie Hornberger,  having huge experience of committing  crime,  is “teaching”  another criminals – so called  Clients Rights Advocates,  including Eva Casas  (562) 623 – 9911, who works for HRC instead of  herself.

Some facilities will be closed “due the reconstruction”,  just as branch of Harbor Regional Center in Long Beach (not due the horrible death of Zachary Brailey, former client of HRC) and will be opened again  soon after so called ” “reconstruction”  –  to  squeeze more and more money out of the pockets of taxpayers and and destroying at the same time millions of innocent speechless people.

Some facilities, as Inland Regional Center,  which locates in San Bernandino and is under investigation for many years  after very famous explosion   was closed  due “to terrorists attack”,  not due to ongoing crime. Soon, after it happened, was opened again…

Within 10 years I am sending  information (supported by documents, pictures) about crimes, committed by federal judges and federal employees.

Triumphal and unprecedented ignorance.

All collaterals (foster care givers, guardians, so called mental health professionals, parenting coordinators and many many others) harass, lie, manipulate laws (Federal and State).

The Group Home, where Anna resides, is under investigation since November 05 of 2015. As I understand, Department of Social Services in the face of so called investigator NICOL WESTLEY  (323)981-3971 will never complete this investigation.

Right after so called investigation began the phone at the Group Home  (310) 324 – 4482 was disconnected.

On Wednesday December 09 of 2015 “marionettes” from HRC and Private Company Ambitions have maiden meeting with only one purpose – to bargain with me to close my site in exchange to give back Annas’  right to talk and to see her family, which was taken  away right after so called investigation started.

Anna is not allowed to see or to visit me.

No written explanation of so called “Denial of Rights” was provided, because everything is illegal.

But briefly I was told, that, if I don’t close site, never will see my daughter. Richard Peace representative   of Private Company Ambitions (as he represents himself) said, that Anna never will go home, like she is his belonging.

He knows very well how is organized Criminal System – just to grab speechless innocent people and squeeze out of them big money till they die (and after  –  sale on organs, as it happened to the son of my friends veteran of  USA Misha Bluvshtein).

No one is able to fight against so called “law” due to horrible chain of corruption, where one criminal covers another one and all of them try to please “Puppet Makers” of Corrupted and Criminal System, but not helping to disabled people, knowing full well, that all desperate attempts condemn to failure (especially if you don’t have money to hire attorneys (who are also on subsidy of very same System).

Non-stopped conveyor of making money, built on the blood  and tears of disabled people.

Nothing stops criminals to do everything possible to displace accents and put attention far away from ongoing crime as:

1. Abuse
2. Inappropriate food
3. Absence of human rights
4. Keeping at home resident, who supposed to be in the locked facility and who makes lives of 3 another residents even more miserable
5. Anti – sanitary and as result – more medication to stop infection
6. Poor nourishment
7. Just 2 staff members in ratio to 4, and those are highly unprofessional
8. Anarchy
9. Full ignorance of residents’ needs
10. Manipulating by the residents, who is completely under their care
11. Juggling with the facts
12. Punishing Anna if she uses Russian, talking to me
13. Constant beating by the staff
14. Numerous reports to Police

15. Numerous visits to ER with “composed” information about real reason of visit   [(as it happened at end of 2015, when Anna was beaten, almost, to death by the staff and because of inability to breath was taken to ER, where was provided information, that she  has fallen down  (being alone with 2 staff members, because 3 another participants were staying at their homes with their families, celebrating New Year)].

Adepts of “Nazism” (read representatives of Corrupted and Criminal System)  are not squeamish about any means they use.

Ongoing crime is in progress

At the end of the May I’ve got letter  from the court, that on June 06 of 2016 we will have court for reappointment of Conservator.

According to this letter  no one will represent Anna, besides me:
1. Director of Department of Mental Health   Marvin Southard – is “retired”
2. “Private Attorney”  Marc Berenson – is “retired”
3.  Attorney for HRC   Richard Schwartz – doesn’t work, at, least, 3 years
4. Representative of HRC  Yolanda Rodriguez – doesn’t work, at least 3 years
5. Commissioner of Department 95-A Laura Humowitz – is successfully “retired”

06/06/2016 court.    Instead of   former Commissioner Laura Humowitz  (who should spend the rest of her life in the jail but was  happily “retired”), is assigned  judge Daniel Huares .

Judge is new to Department 95-A , but games are very familiar and  still the same..

Anna was brought, guided by 6 people. I didn’t see her in 7 months. She’s gained, at least, 30 pounds. Most, likely, criminals again mercilessly increased medication.

At the beginning of the court  Daniel Juares “generously” invited criminals from HRC to occupy honorary place of jury trail and during the hearing was encouraging them,  exchanging with them remarks by eye contact.

Judge has called Annas’ name.

Soon after secluding with representatives from “cloak” as Harbor Regional Center he “announced” (already known news),  that because private attorney Mark Berenson is “retired” next court will have place on July 17 of 2016

In 2 days, because of  previous experience, I’ve called to the court to confirm next court day.  I was told, thatnext court day will  be on 06/13/2016…

06/13/2016 – court. This time  was another judge.  Anna was “represented” by  newly-appointed  “private attorney”  Caleb Donner, who is also on subsidy of Corrupted and Criminal System.

When  Annas’ name was called “hairy mongrels” from Harbor Regional Center,  Ambitions Private home and private attorney were secluded among with the judge in the back room. They seemed lost when came out after confidential conversation with the judge.

No one told me anything about decision, maiden by the judge.

But most, likely,  judge has  told them to prepare documents for Anna’s  discharge.

During the break Caleb Donner in some reason was inducing me to make allowance………….

When,  after  the break,  we returned back to the court room,  Judge announced, that next court day will have place in August in the presence of jury trials.

Twice I’ve brought attention of  the court to illegality  with  phone calls and visits.

Both times  judge has  promised to clear this situation.

And,  as always,  criminals from  HRC (“taught” by the  another criminal from Disability Rights of CA Katie Hornberger) spit out at the court  orders (if those orders were maiden) and manipulate by the way they want.

08/08/2016 next in turn court.

“Pseudo guardians”, being  fully equipped through the knowledge of the next step of the court, were not wasting time, working hard on  tuning manipulatively Anna against me.

She is so  aggressive, that was not brought even inside of  the court room. Her face is very swollen – additional sign of over medication.
At 10-30 a/m judge has called Annas’ name.
So called  private attorney C.Donner and someone,  whom  I don’t know,  among with  judge  (already known, Daniel Huares) without any explanation  “disappeared” inside of the back room.
It took, at least,  30 minutes before  they  came out with already maiden  by default decision .
C.Donner and the same  “someone” had speech on Annas’  “behalf”.
They were talking so quietly, that no one would hear anything. Crime doesn’t need witnesses.
After Daniel Juares without lifting his eyes up and also very quietly  (besides himself no one heard him) “announced”  decision, freshly invented in the back room:

“Because Anna is grown up and capable to make decisions herself she doesn’t need any more Conservator and from now on … she can make decision whom to live with…”

It’s understandable now why criminal Daniel Huares didn’t want to be heard.
I will leave this statement on dirty conscience of all criminals of this Gangster Corrupted System.

Daniel Huares, probably, having short memory, simply “has forgotten” the  purpose of today’s’ court – Jury trail. He, proclaiming  deliberately false  information, by its’ dignity covered   next in turn crime.

I have been,  very confused by provided fake information,  and asked C.Donner if  can put now Conservator ship (which was illegally taken few years ago under careful supervision of shameless Katie Hornberger – to prevent me from taking Anna home) over myself.

The answer was: “No”.
It was trick, well-planned by criminals.
Its’ understandable why Anna was manipulatively tuned against me.
Plan was very primitive, as always.

Because Anna is  “capable” now and hates me at the same time she will stay at Ambitions private Group  Home (who cares even if this house is under several investigations, including FBI;  so called Administrator of Ambitions Company by name Jose,  (as shoemaker’s wife  is the worst shod)   doesn’t have place to “work”;  Ambitions 184 place Group Home doesn’t have  Administrator for many years).


When I was leaving court criminal C. Donner, actively gesticulating , instructing another criminals from Harbor   Regional Center, private home Ambitions (who still seemed to be very lost) about next step….of committing  crime.


08/19/2016 Friday   I’ve got papers , signed by the Richard Oven Schwartz( unexpectedly, he appeared on the horizon, as bird Phoenix) and Pat Del Monico (director of already started to shake Harbor Regional Center)

Accordingly to these papers, where he  “declares under the  penalty”   – that  he is a lawyer of Harbor Regional Center  (he doesn’t know, that another criminal – so called counselor Mishelle Monserro  back in 2014 ,  exactly on 07/09/2014,  in the court room, filled by witnesses, also “declared” under the oath,   that Harbor Regional Center doesn’t have lawyer any more),    asking court to appointLimited  Conservator ship over….. HarborRegional Center….. He, also,  “declares under the penalty”,  that house where Anna resides has phone  number 310-324-4482, even, though, the  phone is disconnected since 2015….

If, accordingly,  to Daniel Huares Anna is capable why she needs Conservator ship, …. granted to”cloak” as Harbor Regional Center???????

Another  hearing is set on August 24 2016.

Because  this letter also  had  a  remark ( maiden by the court), that mom can take Anna home any time after the court, which had place on 08 August and no one can prevent her  I went to Group Home on 08/19/2016 – Friday to see Anna first in 9 months. Staff didn’t opened the door for a very long time. Finally, one of the staff came out and again provided shameless lie,  not supported by any written legal document, that I am not allowed to see Anna.  On my request to call to Police  It took staff, at least,  1 hour  to call to Police and  invite  “assigned right away by itself”  next in turn  so called Administrator of the Ambitions 184 place  Dorris Bell.

Because criminals didn’t get instructions from Puppet Makers Police Officer,   recommended me to rise this issue in the Court room on 08/24/2016  (he doesn’t realize how deep is this “cancerous tumor”).

As I realized later it was very big mistake, maiden by me.

August 24 of 2016  Wednesday – court day. Because it is new location (first in 10 years) it took  more  time to get there and instead 10-00 a/m  I came 30 min later.

Unexpectedly, “suppositorrius”, who “represented” Anna,  led by “thirsty profit”, were on  time.
Just within 30 min. next in turn crime had place in the Court room at  Stanley Mosk   Superior Court

Judge among with criminals as very motivated  Richard Schwartz;  Jose;  so called Administrator of the Ambitions 184 place  (who, probably,  also “declared” under the oath)   and 2 representatives of “terrarium” as Harbor Regional Center  (including criminal so called counselor Mishelle Monserro  (who should spend  the rest of her life in the prison without parole)   committed next in turn crime….

Petition was granted….


All American Courts and so called Justice System are full


I will not be surprised, if, as BRADLEY MANNING, be accused of “giving away to the enemies of the USA secret documents”…


In consistence of abstracted responses, absence of coordination among numerous involved parties show the meaningless of huge army of wrongdoers.
What why “servers” of the System panicky afraid of publicity.
Corrupted and criminally organized structures of Mental Health System are convulsively fighting for holding its positions and privileges.
Health System must be reorganized TO STOP further humiliation of mercilessly tortured innocent and speechless disabled people.
Please help me bring immediate attention to this case and help me save my daughter’s life!!!

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