Sean D. Haeussinger, II

 Sean D. Haeussinger, II


Sean D. Haeussinger, II

Judge Daniel B. Goldstein
San Diego CA
Laura Sheppard

Some other offenses by Goldstein include denying and disparaging my right to _assistance_ of counsel (cf. U.S. Const., amend. IX) by continuing to legitimize the Faretta court’s contradictory determinations on the Sixth Amendment (18 USC §242), which would have protected my right to standby counsel as a reasonable accommodation for an anxiety disorder caused by the County’s conduct. I have prior information on a mental–health victim named Lee Quillar, who was victimized by Dishon. Hebert J. Exharhos, who almost presided over my second trial in spite of a challenge against him. Despite some concerns about prosecutorial misconduct, Goldstein ultimately failed to alert former DA Bonnie M. Dumanis to DDA Vanessa C. Gerard’s mishandling of her case. Goldstein even withheld evidence from the jury (cf. Cal. Gov. Code §§ 11120, 54950 [no right to decide what is/is not good for the People to know]), just as Gerard’s inappropriate attack on the jury’s authority violated my right to a fair trial after my first trial resulted in a hung jury. It also obstructed justice, given Goldstein’s protection of the County from accountability for the perjury they also committed.

Despite this, my sentence may have been consistent with what the dissenting juror wanted. Goldstein also tortured me by going to therapy too often, without regard for my wellbeing, and threatened to send me to jail for reasons that could have been out of my control. He also put my disability on public record in violation of HIPAA and CIMA (see also Cal. Pen. Code §§ 422.6–422.7). My mental health is not the only thing that suffered, and I was put on a 5150 by one of the terrorists who compromised my mental health, in the first place.

In addition to other remedies TBD, the suspect owes me $2,400 for labor he ordered stolen from me from abusing the process for the Thirteenth Amendment (and I am an abolitionist), and for the fine he obstructed me from paying by denying a stay of execution for the duration of my appeal on a motion denied on the basis of protected speech.

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  1. Sean D. Haeussinger, II
  2. February 6, 2020
  3. 8800 Grossmont College Dr., El Cajon, CA 92020
  4. California Penal Code §§ 182, 422.6–422.7 (cf. Cal. Const., Art. I §7a [harmony and tranquility required on public campuses]). Cal. Gov. Code §54950 (government supremacy over the People is prohibited). Ethical violations also occurred, including patient harm and retaliation for seeking treatment and justice when it was not properly given.
  5. On February 6, 2020, on or about 1:00 PM, given the food deprivation from the previous day, Adlam defiantly told me not to eat while I was checking into a mental health session that I had previously scheduled. I had no time to eat beforehand, and Adlam’s insubordinate threats to my mental health over my right to eat (which is also necessary for mental wellbeing) primed me to have complications with my disability that involved Legal Abuse Syndrome, which cost me the intake session. Adlam’s insubordination included a threat to call CAPS on me in retaliation for insisting that she not obstruct my access to the mental health session, and for questioning her basis for the same.When I did meet with the therapist, I entered a small office and approached the left side of the room, and closed the door for patient privacy. I then set my backpack down on a chair that was to my left, and took a clipboard with paperwork that Adlam’s disruptive behavior prevented me from filling out sooner. As the intake session began, Julie Little, LCSW asked me if my name was David. The reservation clearly stated that my name is Sean, so I showed my student ID to Little. The ID was resting on top of the clipboard I was holding in the space between us. After she gave me the excuse that she saw David on my ID before I could show it to her, she failed or refused to calm me down from the result of Adlam’s behavior, thereby prompting me to leave the intake session to file a complaint against her. I confirmed the complaint procedures with Little and Adlam, and confirmed that Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges’ independence from each other as separate campuses provided different policies and procedures for student grievances against Student Health Services (Grossmont) and Health & Wellness (Cuyamaca) personnel.At 1:05 PM, I went to Student Affairs to discuss and eventually file a followup complaint against Adlam, with additional information implicating Little as well. Within a couple minutes, San Diego Deputy Sheriffs Dean Allen (ARJIS #UNKNOWN!) and Alfred Gathings (ARJIS #1046) entered the office in their capacity as CAPS Officers, and interrupted my discussion with Kristi (sp?) and Marie in Student Affairs. Allen addressed me, and I attempted to ignore him. In response, he snapped his fingers against my face, and I told him not to. As if to solicit a threat from me, Allen defiantly replied, “Or what?,” thereafter justifying his aggravated assault with false information from an informant who was probably Little. Allen suggested that he snapped his fingers in my face for reasons that can show that he had been lied to. After I explained that Allen committed battery on me, Allen relayed the lie that I shoved my ID in someone’s face, and attempted to (b)lock(?) a door matching the description of Little’s office. This information as the motive for what was actually aggravated assault had caused me to hyperventilate, and I had to sit down.Allen was uncomfortably close to me, and the police presence in retaliation for my business in the Student Affairs office reminded me of how Deputies David Drake, Betsaida Ladieu, and Robert Bueno, Jr. disabled me in retaliation for a complaint I was attempting to file against Drake on August 10/11, 2012. To date, Drake, Ladieu and Bueno have avoided responsibility for their actions at my expense as a member of the People, with impunity for intentional inflictions of emotional distress, aggravated assault and electrocution impacting on my mental health even after the original offenses, which left me held responsible for their actions.After I had calmed down enough to proceed with the inappropriate encounter, I began attempting to explain the inappropriateness of Allen’s and Gathings’ behavior toward me. Despite the impact of Adlam’s and Little’s behavior on my mental state, after I had started reprimanding Allen for his misbehavior to the best of my ability, Gathings asked me if I understood that behaviors that were actually out of my control could have sent me through the Student Conduct process, as though one could simply control their symptoms, to which my response was “If.” As I discussed the problem with the way they were treating me, without regard for the fact that symptoms and misconduct influenced my behavior, Allen told me that I looked like I needed services in response to my talk of accessing them. Later on, Gathings confirmed that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and he ablesplained to me an ineffectual means of coping, despite the fact that his and Allen’s off-campus counterparts caused my disability, in the first place. Despite problems with breathing as a common complaint by people with anxiety disorders, Gathings suggested that I try taking deep breaths with prejudice to the fact of my hyperventilation from earlier in the encounter.As our interaction ended, I asked for the CAPS Officers’ badge numbers. Allen threw his businesscard at me, and I found no badge number printed on it when I took a closer look at it. Gathings handed his card to me in a professional manner. I complimented him on this, and stated that he handled my prompt better than Allen did. As they left, I ordered Gathings to return to Student Health Services, and arrest Little under suspicion of retaliation in a manner that violated California Penal Code, Sections 422.6 and 422.7, to which I recall no acknowledgement. Following the encounter, I resumed my talks with Kristi and Marie, and added the CAPS Officers to my complaint over the police misconduct that they had witnessed. Student Affairs helped me schedule a new mental health session for 3:00 PM, and Kristie offered to escort me in case the matter got reescalated. After my 3:00 PM session with Matthew Ring, DSW concluded on or about 3:45 PM, Ring helped me determine that Little had no basis to believe that my middle name was my first name. Ring suggested that I confirm with Admissions & Records. Subsequent contact with a Mansoor in Admissions & Records corroborated Ring’s suggestion.On September 16, 2020, San Diego Sherff Deputy Kenneth Jones issued me an outcome letter I filed with the Internal Affairs unit in July, 2020. Jones’ acts and omissions reflect a transparent attempt at impunity in spite of proof beyond a reasonable doubt for reasons that gave rise to my Student Affairs complaint against Little, Adlam, Allen and Gathings. Jones fails or refuses to give a complete factual background of the matter for the purposes of impunity over the aforementioned. He conveys the false notion that Allen and Gathings were even able to keep the peace, let alone by acting in ways the compromise the harmony and tranquility of a public campus (Cal. Const., Art. 1 §7a). Jones saw Little’s behavior as nothing more than a mere disagreement, with prejudice to its impact on me as a student with disabilities.

    Jones further makes assertions not supported by the evidence, either by my complaint or by bodycam footage that would support it if the offenses were properly captured. Jones wrongly states that I said anything about Allen snapping his fingers “in _front_ of [my] face” (emphasis added), where my complaint failed to indicate where on my face Allen hit me, a point that implicates Jones greatly as an accessory to the crimes that were committed against me. Additionally, Jones felt that it was appropriate for Allen to explain what was appropriate or inappropriate without the authority to do so (cf. Cal. Gov. Code §54950 [government supremacy over the People prohibited]), framing his uppity attempt at telling me what I could or could not do — also with prejudice to the fact of my disability — while the behavior he sought to address was something I was already addressing with Student Affairs in contemplation of my complaint.

  6. Talks with District HR had suddenly gone quiet, despite promises of review. The Board of Registered Nursing had never gotten back to me about my complaint against Adlam, and the Board of Behavioral Sciences wrongly claimed no jurisdiction over Little. (On August 6, 2020, I confirmed that Boards lacking in jurisdiction transfer complaints to those with jurisdiction.)Ongoing symptoms obstruct justice. Even my ability to find counsel has suffered, just as my ability to handle these matters personally within my expertise has. These issues, whether for my sake and/or the public interest, are areas of focus as I proceed with my graduate concentration in forensic psychology, with intent to understand what to do in the interest of justice for victims and offenders alike. That anyone could be deprived of accountability for their wrongdoers makes this a human rights situation that also informs my advocacy and activism, no matter my difficulties.
  7. For this matter, I have contacted the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs Unit; the United States Department of Justice (2264–VJN); Grossmont College Student Affairs; Grossmont–Cuyamaca Community College District Human Resources; California Board of Behavioral Sciences; California Board of Registered Nursing
  8. In addition of license revocation for Little and Adlam and permanent removal from their professions as threats to public health and safety, they and Deputies Allen, Gathings and Jones need to be brought to justice in civil and criminal courts. Terminations may be in order for Board personnel for both involved Boards.

Truth and justice,

—Sean D. Haeussinger, II
   Southern New Hampshire University
         MS Forensic Psychology ’22
   Johnson & Wales University
         BS Applied Psychology ’19
         College of Arts & Sciences

San Diego County Sheriff Dean Allen
San Diego County Sheriff Alfred Gathings

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