The Uglyiest

Sylvia Schmidt aka Sylvia Gettinger aka Sylvia Velasco

This is a psychopath no doubt, what the public needs to know is the best psychopaths hide behind a fake image of good, sweet, kind or considerate. The truth is this is a wicked, evil, lying, unethical, immoral criminal who would kill or destroy her family for profit. The ultimate whore of society who hates herself and to lives to attack the character of others because inside she knows she’s worse. As a sibling who spent a decade or more growing up with this heartless, selfish monster at first I did not know what I was dealing with. After all your sibling should be loving, caring and supportive. Sylvia was nothing of those traits instead she was cunning, manipulative, criminal, evil, unethical, immoral and charming. I think she hated me because growing up I was competition to the love of our parents. This was her own thinking because myself I was never in competition for that love and could not understand why she was. Her foul mouthed, adulterous and negative personality came out at a young age earning her well deserved slaps across her face by her father who she talked down as if she was some low class street whore on a corner. It never ceased to amaze me of the hate and anger coming from her lips.

One must also remember at the time this was coming from a normal looking, childish little girl which was her way of getting away with things. Yet Sylvia was always the materialistic label and money whore she is. At the time growing up I did not know she was a psychopath because myself I saw psychopaths as depicted in movies and TV not the innocent looking sibling I was growing up with. I did figure her out by her simple to figure out traits and tactics. When she wanted something she would turn on the charm, with fake empathy and loving gestures. After she got what she wanted from you the act disappeared and nothing she said meant anything. She pulled this off once or twice growing up and lost my trust and love at an early age. The other part of this is being normal I was victim to forgetting who she was and letting my human nature get the best of me. All the while she never changed and even put her fake charm to work becoming a fake “Head Hunter” where she could cold call a hard working, well paid executive of a company and lure them to jump ship and come work for her client. Basically stealing employees by feeding them lies and con jobs for profit.

One day I discovered what and who a psychopath is and all the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle and I realized why my own flesh and blood was different.  You may not like my choice of words in describing her. The fact is one must realize and accept the real UGLY that is hiding behind who she really is. Her game is to wear a fake facade which protects her from being exposed. After all if she really looked like who she was inside no one would go along with her lies and manipulations. If you ever want to expose a psychopath you have to reveal and expose the truth and evidence of their actions. Like Jeffrey Dahmer or Jodi Arias they all do their best to deceive their victims or the jury by presenting a fake image that society “can’t accept could be evil”. I myself did not want to accept who she really was but that was part of moving forward was to identify and accept what I was working with. I came to a point when Sylvia committed perjury, fraud, embezzlement of over $200,000.00 from our mother. I heard first hand from our mother the terrible treatment and abuse Sylvia committed lacking even any empathy or respect in the process. I had always witnessed her manipulating and charming our mother as a child with guilt. It was always the same, Sylvia yelling and attacking you just could not shut her up or have a normal conversation because she would shout and argue over you. Even both my parents made things worse by saying “At least with your brother we can have a conversation”. Sylvia we redundant with her lies, guilt trips and false use of love. It worked many times on our mother to get her way and obtain multiple big dollar home loans, clothing, car and even jobs.

It never ends because psychopaths are like leopards and never change their spots. Right before I found out everything about how she lied and perjured her petition to force our mother into a conservatorship to take control of her life and force heavy psychotropic medications on her. All with the goal of stopping her own mother and even trying to kill her so she could not be believed by police or authorities what she had done.

In fact this beast and monster was successful in coning the PVP Violet M. Boskovich  the unethical lawyer forced upon our mother by the court. This was not that tough of a task for Sylvia as Boskovich was the perfect target lacking self image. You know it’s going on because when Sylvia wants to con the first thing is to call the victim by their first name or a nick name so right away I noticed the person who should be helping our mother being called “Vicky” by Sylvia.

Back to before I found out the full story what Sylvia had done. Sylvia gave me the version she wanted me to see, which is another tactic of the psychopath is yet. All involved get different versions that fit Sylvia and manipulate or steer you the direction she wants. At first Sylvia would try and con me that our mother hated me and I was at fault. That Sylvia was doing me a favor and taking over the care of our mother which ONLY I had done the previous 40 years faithfully and for no cost as any normal child would do. Sylvia was also on a mission to extract information she wanted to use against me and to identify weakness. The totally fake “I love you” and false “I care and we can work together” bullshit. As usual later I was to find she was only spinning her web thicker and digging a deeper hole. Like other normal people we don’t expect the psychopath who looks like a normal caring person to do the unthinkable. Until they do it and like Jodi Arias who shot her lover in the head, practically severed his head and stabbed him multiple times all while he tried to get away. Then in typical psychopath form she lied and changed her story multiple times to fit her fake accounts and image. The “victim role” they try and play that act to the hilt. The truth is Arias and Sylvia are pure evil, liars, perverts, mentally ill, control freaks and criminals. Nothing more or nothing less. I suspect there are levels of psychopaths by which some don’t have all the traits. The key here is empathy and when you discover that tip of the iceberg you realize how bit the mountain is under the water (behind the fake image).

Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt of San Diego County CA embezzle $200k from Gertrude Gettinger

Sylvia Schmidt of San Diego County CA born 1957 aka Sylvia Gettinger Los Angeles CA mother Gertrude Gettinger. CRIMINAL

My name is Robert Gettinger, I’m the son of Gertrude Gettinger who immigrated to Los Angeles from Canada in 1959 with her husband Franz and two Children Sylvia and Robert. I was a police officer for the city of Los Angeles from 1980-1988. I attended Pasadena Art Center college of design and Los Angeles Valley college. I was the sole person who cared and helped our mother.

Our mother worked her entire life as a maid and housekeeper to provide for her family. She raised Sylvia and myself putting us through school and college. In our teens our parents divorced leaving our mother to raise us alone. I kept in contact with both my parents while Sylvia sided with our mother and showed obvious hate and anger towards our father after the separation.


Sylvia moved out of the home in 1982 when she married her first husband. She never had a close relationship with anyone in our family. She did not speak or see our father after 1972 when our parents separated. She failed to stay in contact with our mother and rarely called or visited. I was the only one who helped our mother till I married and moved out 2000.

Sylvia’s relationship with our mother was even more strained when she demanded a divorce from her first husband Ralph Velasco. Sylvia had an affair with Gary A. Schmidt who was married with a wife who was pregnant in the hospital with their first child (Hallie Schmidt) at the time.

When problems started
July 19, 2001 Franz L. Gettinger our father passes away. His daughter Sylvia is disinherited since she was estranged from him for over 35 years. Sylvia accuses me of influencing our father and cheating her out of her inheritance. She left threatening phone messages at my home regarding our father and the inheritance. I’ve included dated emails which correspond with her phone messages and threats. (see audio and emails)

What happened to our mother
Sylvia Schmidt removed $200,000.00 from Gertrude Gettinger’s bank accounts plus cash, personal documents, family jewelry, gold and silver from her home (prior to our mother’s conservatorship 12/08/2006) . To stop Gertrude from reporting the crimes Sylvia fabricated events and stories that our mother suffered from dementia and mental illness. Sylvia’s claims of events vary depending on date and who she’s reporting to. She claimed Gertrude’s home had numerous attempted burglaries to cover missing property but she never filed a police report. Instead Sylvia perjured a petition for conservatorship forcing Gertrude to be locked in a nursing home and over medicated with psychological drugs to stop her from exposing the crimes against her.

September 2006 LAPD Hollywood division police report documents Gertrude’s home was burglarized by Sylvia who used a spare key to enter the premises. Gertrude’s property deed, financial documents, credit cards, car and home keys, cash, passport, INS documents were all stolen. Electronics, radios, TV etc. were untouched. Gertrude named Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt as the sole suspects. The report included the statement “Sylvia and her husband Gary were attempting to force Gertrude to sign a power of attorney”. The fact only specific financial and identification items were stolen highlights the motive of identity theft. (See Police Report)

October 2006 Sylvia complains to APS and Mental Health that Gertrude is suffering from mental problems. Sylvia has been estranged from her mother for over 24 years and is forbidden access to her mother’s home yet she makes statements as if she were an actual witness. When Sylvia first complained to APS they sent a psychiatric support team “Genesis” to investigate. Genesis cleared Gertrude and did not find any problems. Sylvia claims her mother had lost a great deal of weight, yet Sylvia never brought her food. Sylvia claimed her mother did not pay her utility bills yet Gas company records show she did pay them and when her mail was forwarded to another address she over paid them to ensure utilities were not turned off.
“These are not the actions of a mentally ill person”

November 2006 Gertrude is removed by APS against her wishes from her 6 unit apartment complex she owned and managed herself. APS acted due to letters and legal threats written by Sylvia. Gertrude was working and driving a car prior to her removal. Gertrude was in the process of selling her home and moving back to Austria to retire with life time friends. Knowing this Sylvia did not want her mother’s estimated 2 million dollars leaving the country.

November 2006 Sylvia Schmidt and lawyer Christopher E. Overgaard perjure their petition to conserve Gertrude Gettinger. Gertrude has no medical history of mental illness. They fail to notify me claiming they had no address. Approximately $200,000.00 in bank accounts goes unreported. Probate department is unable to do full accounting when Sylvia provides the incorrect address. Sylvia and Gary Schmidt purchase real property in the Santa Clarita Valley which may be how bank account funds were transferred from Gertrude’s name.

I notice something wrong at my mothers home and attempt to contact Sylvia via phone and email. Sylvia ignores my calls and emails. Months later I’m given a false account of events, statements and Sylvia refuses to reveal where she moved our mother. Sylvia fails to inform me she’s formed a conservatorship. She fails to inform the court about contact with me. Sylvia tells me due to a lack of funds there’s work I need to do at our mother’s home in preparation for renting out apartments. On three separate occasions my wife and I go to my mother’s home to demo a wall, remove debris and do cleaning. Sylvia promises to meet but each time fails to appear, instead sends a paid friend. Sylvia leaves messages that she will not show up. Later in legal accounting I found she’s billing our mother’s estate for the work my wife and I had performed for no charge and for work she never performed.

Due to Sylvia’s odd behavior, statements and dishonesty I located the case number and lawyers involved in the conservatorship. I emailed Violet Boskovich PVP for Gertrude. She forwarded my concerns and email to Christopher Overgaard who informed Sylvia yet they did nothing.
Sylvia’s intention has always bin to liquidate our mothers estate. Knowing her mother and brother did not want to sell anything Sylvia misled us. Sylvia told Gertrude she intended to trade her home for a nicer one in Santa Monica where it would be safer for her to reside. Sylvia sent legal forms allowing me to object to the sale to the wrong address. Sylvia lied, telling me her intentions were to rent our mothers apartment complex to help pay our mother’s costs.

Sylvia misled the court by asking for permission to trade the property to avoid sales taxes. Once the sale was completed Sylvia changed her story stating she could not find an appropriate exchange property. Sylvia misled the court stating she could not find a suitable property thus she requested investing all proceeds into stocks. This was against suggestions of a financial consultant Sylvia hired who recommended renting the property over selling.

None of Gertrude’s estimated 2 million dollars has bin in blocked accounts as required by law. The court never pursued the matter only an expensive bond was filed. Sylvia’s goal is to have control of Gertrude’s finances so when she passes she’ll have complete possession.

Court documents show Sylvia blamed me for $200,000k in missing bank accounts. She claims she had no contact with me for 10 years. She and her lawyer claimed they hired a Private Investigator named Michael Jay who could not locate me. They reported I was using another name and living in another country. They could not find the current address I’ve been using for the past 16 years and which Sylvia had used in the past. I have cashed checks, greetings cards, emails and phone messages proving Sylvia has my phone number, address and was in contact with me. Sylvia provided documents with the address she claimed not to possess during discovery.

PVP Boskovich never informed the court I appeared, emailed her and after numerous meetings with my mother failed to inform her that she had contact with her son. Documents were submitted to the court proving perjury and crimes committed by Sylvia Schmidt and attorney Christopher Overgaard. Overgaard was replaced by the President of the Pasadena Bar Philip Barbaro Jr. Barbaro never denied the perjury or allegations instead lied to the court stating I was on a fishing expedition, that the court should ignore my allegations.

Judge Coleman Swart stated if the allegations were found to be true he would offer me the option to be conservator of my mother. This led me to file for the conservatorship. The court ordered a neutral doctors exam to determine Gertrude’s capacity to make a will or testify in court. Gertrude has requested but was always denied any chance to appear in court. Sylvia went beyond sending payment to the doctor and included a letter of false information. She failed to include a complete medical record, highlighted negative events and left out positive evidence of Gertrude’s medical history.

Dr. Yegiazaryan (Psychiatrist) performed a full psychological evaluation and determined Gertrude does not suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer, instead suffers from depression and a mini stroke. She warned Sylvia, Gertrude should be taken off dangerous medications, especially Haldol. Sylvia changed doctors to Dr. Said Jacob who continues prescribing Haldol.

Dr. Liu (MD) removed himself from the care of Gertrude due to abuse, language and dangerous actions by Sylvia stating “He did not want to take a chance of losing his license, Sylvia’s a Doctor Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. She can be charming at one moment and angry and abusive the next”. Sylvia was demanding unauthorized medication changes against doctors orders.

Judge Swart retires and is replaced by Judge Candace Beason in 2008. Gertrude witnessed her stolen jewelry at Sylvia’s home that she reported stolen September 2006. In retaliation Sylvia filed (as conservator for her mother) a false police report of Elder abuse against me at LAPD Hollywood Division. Claiming Gertrude was accusing me of abusing her. Nothing was done as there was no evidence.

Sylvia uses the false Elder Abuse Police report against me informing the judge and PVP I am abusing our mother. No charges filed no evidence of any crime. The mere fact that a report was filed against me falsely will bias the court.

Judge Beason ignores the perjury, failure to notify family and other crimes. Discovery of medical records prove Sylvia misled doctors and gave false accounts of events. Sylvia manipulated doctors and medications causing medical and psychological complications.

Sylvia refuses to provide records and documents requested in discovery. She had no billing for a Private Investigator, address or proof of his existence. California PI public records show no licensed investigator named “Michael Jay”. Lawyer Overgaard never personally served Gertrude as required by law. Dr. Tucker who completed mental capacity forms did not have 2 years of dementia experience required by law.

Nursing home notes give different accounts of events where Sylvia was not present. Notes reveal Sylvia was notified during an emergency when Gertrude had breathing problems and Sylvia failed to act. Staff notes prove Gertrude refused (1) pill a stool softener. Sylvia claimed Gertrude refused all medications. The result Gertrude is forced to take dangerous psychotropic drug injections of Haloperidol. Sylvia warned by Doctors of the dangers continues requesting bigger dozes.

Notes show conflicting accounts given by Sylvia to Dr. Trader who performed the neutral examination. Sylvia states Gertrude ran naked down the halls, screaming at all hours of the night. Official notes state, Gertrude was waiting wearing a night gown in her room for a medication nurse. The nurse forgets her medication. Tells Gertrude to wait, she’ll return and leaves. Gertrude cooperates, waits and is found hours later at her doorway collapsed on the floor. She’s heard calling for the nurse and seen on closed circuit video by staff.

Mid 2006 Gertrude’s mail is no longer delivered to her home. Unaware mail is forwarded to Sylvia Schmidt’s home prior to being conserved. Gertrude thought someone was stealing her mail from her mail box, thus removes the mail box so the mail carrier would deposit mail directly thru a door slot. Actions of a logical person not a mentally ill one. Sylvia states “mother ripped her mail box off the wall” as if she’s mentally ill to support her petition and claims of mental illness.

Ralph Velasco, Sylvia’s first husband is contacted by Gertrude. He visits and witnesses what’s going on. He calls Sylvia asking about what he witnessed and he’s told not to help her. In Velasco’s deposition he states Sylvia hated her father and never had contact with him. She was angered when he visited her father with me. He gave accounts how Sylvia never had a good relationship with anyone in her family. Sylvia asked him not give me any info as to our mother.

What happened to me
While Gertrude was conserved without notice my family possessions at my former home were destroyed, sold or thrown away by Sylvia. PVP Boskovich and Philip Barbaro Jr. filed false police reports and perjured objections to stop discovery and subpoena’s for missing bank accounts. Judge Candace Beason failed to read my petitions and was unfamiliar with the case. Boskovich failed to inform the court I had contact with her. She failed to investigate 2 missing bank accounts. I stopped my legal proceeding when it was apparent PVP and the court were biased against me.

January 2011 Sylvia’s lawyer files a false police report with Police stating I threatened family and the court. I’m arrested then released no charges filed. It’s revealed Judge Aviva K. Bobb has influenced police to act. The DA failed to file charges since no crime had been committed. The report contained statements by Sylvia and were censored .

Current Situation
Sylvia has possession of over 2 million dollars, in unblocked bank accounts, She bills our mother $40 an hour or $40,000 a year to be conservator, she bills for work not perform or needed. She invades unannounced Gertrude’s nursing home room with a key made without permission. She places and removes items unannounced to confuse and molest our mother. While Gertrude attends meals or doctor visits she removes court documents, leaves misleading items, removes personal items to confuse our mother and make her feel unsafe.

She has our mother’s mail forwarded to her home then bills $40 an hour to re-deliver personal mail. Doctors are lied to and manipulated with false stories and events leading them to believe Gertrude has symptoms of mental illness. Gertrude has been isolated and denied family visits for over 5 years. The court is misled with lies to support Sylvia’s actions and fees.

A child who never had a positive relationship with a parent was able to take over that parents life and finances by perjuring documents. Sylvia stole personal possessions, cash and over $200k in bank accounts. A conservatorship based on perjury is being used to hide crimes, drug and isolate the victim. Fraudulent billing is submitted to the court, unnecessary legal costs are billed to victims draining her life savings. The court does not act when informed of crimes and abuse. Those involved in the crime and those who ignore the abuse and crimes should be prosecuted.

Sylvia was never close to anyone in our family
A. Our father disinherited Sylvia (see will)
B. Sylvia was never close to her mother See X husband’s Deposition and statements
C. Sylvia had anger and jealousy issues with our parents (See Emails to Robert)
D. Sylvia was removed from all bank accounts and deed against her wishes


1. Over $200,000.00 from bank accounts
2. Over $3000.00 in cash removed from Gertrude’s home
3. Home deed
4. Banking statements, credit cards, Passport, INS info, identification (Identity theft)
5. Family jewelry of 80 years, rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces
6. Family Gold and Silver, coins
7. Home and personal items destroyed, liquidated, stolen or sold
8. Gertrude is billed approx $40,000 a year for fraudulent billing

1. Perjury
2. Failure to notify Family
3. Mailing court documents to the incorrect address
4. Theft of property, identity
5. Burglary used spare key to access home
6. Embezzlement, used banking info and accounts to transfer funds
7. Fraud, used ID, name and personal info only known by family to access finances
8. Identity Theft
9. Mail Fraud (Mail forwarding) for access to banking info and to create problems
10. Conspiracy (C. Overgaard, S & G Schmidt) conspired to form a conservatorship.
11. Elder Abuse, isolation, over medication, fear and threats, no privacy or safety in her room
12. Medication abuse to cause harm, abrupt changes of medications to cause complications

Hear Sylvia Schmidt call Robert in 2003 via a telephone number she told court she did not have.

LAPD POLICE REPORT filed by Gertrude Gettinger prior to the conservatorship
Sylvia Schmidt Burglary LAPD Report

Sylvia Schmidt and her husband Gary A. Schmidt have since moved like cowards away from the scene of their crimes. Leaving their victim they claim to be caring for Gertrude Gettinger 2.5 hours away. This is how they get away with their crimes. The probate investigators don’t investigate nor do they contact family directly to find out what is going on.

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The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice, on this website. The information posted on this website is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America.

Anyone who feels information herein is wrong or nonfactual please email us and ask for a retraction. Send proof and reasons why for my editorial consideration.

Having been a Police officer did not help my case. The judges and PVP lawyers
rubber stamped everything the criminal asked for, then ignored all the evidence
presented to them. There were hundreds of pieces of evidence even 2 bank
accounts (with cashed checks and account numbers) which Sylvia never reported to the probate court. Why does the court not want to look into over $200k in missing (never reported by Sylvia to them) bank funds? We filed for
subpoenas for info on the now closed empty bank accounts which Sylvia hired
the most expensive and President of the Pasadena Bar Philip Barbaro Jr. to defend her. Why would they work so hard to stop a subpoena for a closed account? Why would judge Candace Beason then ask us to go to trial yet not
allow us any bank account subpoenas or discovery? After spending over $150k
in legal fees it was obvious there would be no fair trial.

This was not about justice, helping our mother or fairness, it was all about
the creation of LEGAL FEES for lawyers. What should have taken a month to
stop the conservatorship with all the evidence was drawn out for years and thousands of dollars during which Sylvia had control (all the money in her
possession). The courts easily gave Sylvia over 2 million dollars of our mother’s money without any investigation, finding family or permission from the victim.

Sylvia Schmidt of San Diego County CA stole over $200k from her mothers home via bank documents, identification, fraud, embezzlement, then perjured a petition to force a conservatorhip allowing her to drug, isolate and abuse Gertrude Gettinger. Due to over drugging via psychological medications Gertrude is unable to speak or appear normal

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