GP012634 Case Summary Los Angeles County Superior Court Probate Division

Glendale la cresenta Calfornia lawyer Christopher Overgaard is a criminal and fraud

La Cresenta California Lawyer Christopher E. Overgaard what probate lawyers are doing to families and seniors

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Conservator Sylvia Schmidt
Glendale lawyer Christopher E. Overgaard who perjured his fraudulent petition forcing Gertrude into a forced Conservatorship to hide (2) missing bank accounts for $200,000.00
Pasadena lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. conspired with Judge Candace J. Beason to ignore perjury, fraud, Elder abuse and embezzlement of $200k in bank funds
Lawyer PVP Violet M. Boskovich who was forced upon Gertrude Gettinger by the court who never fully represented her client, helped hid the missing accounts, fraud and perjury

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