Sylvia Information

Manipulation and influencing Doctors by the conservator Sylvia Schmidt
Doctors, APS, Social workers, PVP counsel, lawyers and judge have relied on the statements of Sylvia
Schmidt. Schmidt and Overgaard (her lawyer) formed conservatorship on perjury. The court can not trust or
confirm any statements, documents, accounting or billing by Schmidt.
April 25th 2008 Schmidt wrote Gertrude’s psychiatrist Dr. Said Jacob. Note the following statements.
1. Request for letter documenting Gertrude’s current diagnosis.
It appears Schmidt is asking for Dr. Jacobs diagnosis regarding his actual meetings with Gertrude
however she then adds information not known or verifiable by the doctor.
2. Sylvia wants Dr. Jacob to tailor a letter to fit her situation to use in court to object to Robert
objecting to the sale of Gertrude’s home.
3. Note Schmidt tries to state Gertrude’s lawyer and her own lawyer are requesting this letter however
Schmidt is requesting the letter not the lawyers.
4. Sylvia specifically states “regarding real estate transactions” when the doctor has no knowledge of
any of this, She is planting information and incidents.
5. Anyone trying to manipulate her, her distorted views of reality. Sylvia will later state “anyone” is
6. Schmidt states: “My goal is obviously NOT to put words in your mouth” yet this is exactly what
Schmidt is doing by providing false, manipulated information. Twisting allegations, events,
statements and actions and words by others to have the doctor write a letter to support Schmidt’s
false reality.
7. This letter is to HELP “my mother’s continued well-being hinges on your professional opinion”.
8. Robert is insisting that Gertrude is of sound mind and actually convinced her to reverse herself on
many significant issues pending before the court. (This statement also proves this letter is for
Schmidt to use in court). Yet Schmidt has no prove nor is she present to know any of what she is
stating about Robert.
9. Schmidt lies stating Robert arrived March 2009 when Schmidt was informed by Boskovich
November 2007 that Robert contacted her. Robert spoke to Schmidt July 2007 for 3 hours
but fails to tell Dr. Jacob any of this.
10. Schmidt states “since it made so very much sense” However Schmidt’s own financial advisor stated
the best option was NOT to sell but rent. Gertrude ONLY approved selling when Schmidt explained
she would complete a 1031 exchange to avoid taxes plus exchange the home for a nicer one in
Santa Monica CA where she could live with a friend. None of this took place, the goal was only to
convince (influence) Gertrude to go along.
11. Page 2 Schmidt constantly states Gertrude is unreliable in what she states and her reality. Yet she
uses her mothers word (which she can not verify) that she told Schmidt that ”she liked and trusted
her attorney Boskovich”. Schmidt wants the doctor to then know Schmidt did not hire the lawyer
and the court selected the lawyer independently. “Who has nothing to do with me”
12. September 2006 Police report states a “Spare key” was used to enter Gertrude’s home, a key
Schmidt had knowledge of. Schmidt makes statements in documents that she was in Gertrude’s
home, witnessed events and described what went on in the home. Now she states she had no
13. LAPD Report states that items were missing, states that Schmidt was attempting to force a power
of attorney on Gertrude (several times) yet Schmidt later states a conservatorship was not her idea
and told about conservatorships AFTER her mother was admitted to the hospital Nov 2006.
14. LAPD was contacted by Robert after he was told by Gertrude that Schmidt had taken her to her
home where she saw the stolen property mentioned in the Sept 2006 report (none of which was
ever reported to the court or probate department). LAPD visited Gertrude at Regency Park and
then decided to visit Schmidt. They did NOT “Dismissed their investigation immediately” due to
Schmidt being innocent. Schmidt as told by her lawyer Overgaard “read he medical records” which
have always been influenced by Schmidt’s false accounts. Police did not want to interfere with a
“court matter” thus stopped.
15. Schmidt states “his desperate attempts to gain access to her assets” Yet Schmidt has gained
access to Gertrude’s 2 million dollar estate.
Please see all doctors’ reports, Dr. Liu who removed himself from the care of Gertrude due to Schmidt’s
behavior and actions such as discontinuing ALL of Gertrude’s medications. This caused odd reactions.
Dr. L. Yegiazaryan who stated Gertrude does NOT have Dementia, she suffers of depression and to stop
the dangerous drugs. Sylvia changed doctors right away. Gertrude was then taken to a doctor with a past of
having his medical license revoked for dishonest actions

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