Jodi Arias Convicted Killer

jodi arias is a liar and fraud no jury will convict me














Jodi Arias is a monster, the only victim is Travis Alexander and his family. She never showed remorse or responsibility for her actions and the murder of Travis. Jodi threw everyone she came in contact with under the bus, her family, friends, lovers and lawyers. Its this selfish nature and mentality that people with psychopathic exhibit. You can’t fix Jodi, she’s born without some common traits which normal humans have, Empathy. Always the center of attention, thinking only of her. Jodi only says things to control people and take advantage of them

The Killing of Travis Alexander
Jodi Arias pleads with jurors for a life sentence
Will Jodi Get Life or Death

jodi arias is a psychopath and guilty of murder



expose convicted felon donavan m bering from helping jodi arias
kirk nurmi profits from helping jodi arias escape punishment



jodi arias travis alexander psychopath



expose psychopaths like sylvia schmidt of san marino california

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