The big Elephant in the room no one seems to notice, American Courts are not based on Justice

the american justice system is not based on justice instead money profit and greed

How can every American accept or come to think “Justice” exists in America? Fact is so many crimes go unpunished because police or those in charge ignore victims. We spend millions on proven killers like Jodi Ann Arias who deserves not one penny or minute of anyone’s time for what she did. Yet good people go hungry, homeless and abused by a system that feeds greed and profit not justice. I used to think America was based on words like “Freedom, Equality, Rights” but after trying to use any of those so called words I’ve discovered they’re nothing more than propaganda and lies.

A judge who demands to be called “honorable” yet has no honor to speak of, lawyers who swear to an oath and ignore their own code of conduct. The need to be rich to actually get to court and be heard? What the hell is going on in this nation? We’ve made law so complicated we need to pay someone $250 an hour to explain it to us? While we’re told “We’re innocent till proven guilty” police can jail us, create a record, deny us freedom and make things up without any trial? We’re nothing more than a nation of sheep, led by greed, profit and those who take advantage of tax dollars. We’re forced to pay taxes and if we don’t the IRS can do anything to extort what is owed, things we can’t do when money is owed to us.

Trillions are spent on military weapons, the concept of death and murder. Billions are given to foreign countries, those same countries that use the US as a tool for their own agenda. Yet the very people who are taxed are the last ones to get any benefit or justice in this world. It’s all about using the right words, justice, freedom, equality and rights. In the end “justice is just another word” and its all based on money. We have a Justice system based on Money. not justice.

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