California Julia G. Ansel Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Department of Consumer Affairs Violates Public Records Act

california epidemic misconduct by  julia G. Ansel Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, Department of Consumer Affairs


Meet Julia G. Ansel California’s Professional Fiduciaries Bureau who pretends to uphold the law and protect the defenseless, weak and helpless conserved Elderly of California.
Sources say Julia G. Ansel, who is head of California’s Professional Fiduciaries Bureau and a presenter at the California Senate Judiciary Committee public hearings on the conservatorship system, has violated the California Public Records Act. A few people on an email list were privy to the communications back and forth between Julia G. Ansel and sources. Julia G. Ansel doesn’t want to release the numbers of complaints that the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau has received on conservators Frumeh Labow and Melodie Scott. This information is discloseable per government code 6254 f 2.

After Ansel misrepresented the law to tye source and was advised of her error, she simply fell silent. No disclosure has been provided.

As long as the “political royals” act as if we mere citizens have no rights under the law, these atrocities will not only continue but will amplify.

Tuesday March 24, 2015, the California Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a public hearing on the conservatorship system. A non-profit, Spectrum Institute has been seeking to protect adult conservatees who are intellectually or developmentally disabled, and they will be presenting. They’re calling for a Task Force to investigate and reform the conservatorship system. They have submitted a report to the Committee about the need for investigation ( and they have distributed a press release.

Please contact your legislators and spread the word among supporters?

Public officials ignoring the law is an epidemic today.   The e-mail scandal involving Hillary Clinton is the tip of the iceberg.   Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that the USA had not problem is Israel spying on their intimate conversations with Iran – the problem was the disclosure to Congress!
Here in Illinois stealing the gold  out of the teeth of a senior citizen is acceptable conduct according to Mr. Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (and all the overpaid attorneys who do his bidding), however, reporting the felony to law enforcement is so unethical pursuant to 18 USCA 4 that it warrants a four year suspension of a law license.  
I am waiting for Mr. Larkin to be called before a Federal Grand Jury for his efforts at censorship, aiding and abetting felonies, conspiracy, tax evasion, mail fraud, collusion, intimidation, violation of civil rights *****.    If you or I did 1/100th of what Larkin did under the guise of being the administrator of the IARDC we would have been in jail long ago!    
Come to Illinois for the gold rush!   There are literally thousands of senior citizens who still have gold in their teeth!   All one needs if the blessing of a wired judge and riches await – gold is 1200 dollars an ounce the *****.    I wonder if ***** Capital is a market for the botty! 
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