Alex Nieto

san francisco police murder alex nieto


Alex Nieto
On Friday evening, March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was shot at over fourteen times and killed by the San Francisco Police Department, on Bernal Hill Park, without justification.

Officers gave Alex no warning before they shot him twice. In a 7-second pause, during which Alex is injured and agonizing, officers decide—without any evidence of danger—to continue shooting, hitting him a dozen or more times. This was an unjustifiable police murder of an innocent man.

Alex Nieto posed no threat to anyone on Bernal Hill. A witness told reporters: “…he wasn’t threatening to me. He seemed like a guy just eating a burrito.”

Alex routinely ate dinner on Bernal, before going to his security guard shift. He had been with his parents before going out.

An Ingleside station sergeant was first to arrive on scene. He was present through the entire shooting. Sergeants must wear an on-body camera. The police are withholding the on-body camera video from the public.

Audio from a home security camera reveals TWO initial shots fired; a 7 second pause; followed by a continuous volley of 10-16 shots. Listen to the audio recording on

The next day, SFPD…
Interrogated the Nieto Family for 45 minutes, attempt a warrant-less search of their home, and only then, tell Alex’s parents that SF police killed their son.
Stole Alex’s car from the street, with keys retrieved from his body, without notifying the family. They ripped apart the inside of the car.

SFPD is now…
Actively withholding evidence (original video, 911 call, witness statements, autopsy) from the public, whileAttempting to “murder” Alex’s character by feeding false and irrelevant information and inferences to the media to taint public (your) opinion of Alex.


Contact Them
Justice for Alex Nieto

America demands a federal investigation into the killing of Alejandro Nieto by SFPD. Alex’s civil rights were violated, and District Attorney George Gascón, former Chief of Police of San Francisco, cannot guarantee an impartial investigation.

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san francisco police murder alex nieto

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