Santa Rosa Victims

santa rosa sheriff department rationalizes the murder of andy lopez a 13 year old child

What happened to Andy Lopez and what Police are trying to do must be exposed and brought to every American’s attention. Its rationalizing a death. What they don’t consider and talk about is how the officer SHOULD HAVE RESPONDED if he treated the location as his own neighborhood, home, with his own children which would make him totally accountable, responsible and personally liable. Would he have done the same thing?

When its not your child or loved one whose shot to death its easy to say “WHAT IF” or “I feared for our lives”. The fact is if it involved loved ones you’d be more cautious. The fact that in 10 seconds an officer made a decision to murder someone, he shot to kill not to stop someone. More than 8 rounds in 10 seconds. Another officer did not feel the need to shoot. Rounds missed and went into structures which also could have killed. That is reckless and creating danger, not stopping it.

The American people are sold a double edged sword of excuses where if anyone else had done this they’d be in jail and lose everything. We don’t get special investigations by our friends or have our name protected from the public. Your name would already be public information.

Murder is murder and WHAT IF’s are no excuse for BIG GUNS, gung ho tactics and shooting live automatic pistols in urban areas. We pay officers to be highly trained and to think before shooting. If an officer is so afraid for his life that he threatens the life of innocent people that officer should not be allowed to possess a firearm. PERIOD

If you search the internet this is happening all over America, men, women and children are being shot to death by reckless, irresponsible police who feel above the law.


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santa rosa sheriff department rationalizes the murder of andy lopez a 13 year old child

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