Bonnie Moore

My name is Bonnie Moore and CPS took my husband and I’s 19month old son because I have anxiety and PTSD and panic disorder and because I’m on Xanax and Prozac they are claiming it makes me unfit to parent and my son has always  been healthy and happy and loved and well taken care of and he wasn’t ever sick or hurt in our care and our house is clean and spotless and no safety issues and since cps wrongfully took our son in November of 2019, cps hasn’t allowed us to see our son and they are trying to terminate our rights illegally, please help, we love and miss our son and their other slander from cps of El Dorado county is that because my husband is a chef and he works a lot and they claim our sons dad doesn’t have a bond with our son which is a bold faced lie and cps never should have taken my son and their were no grounds to take him and now they are trying to terminate our rights illegally and cps needs to return our son and leave us alone  because a mom having anxiety and PTSD isn’t a reason to take a child and our son was always loved and healthy and happy and he wasn’t ever hurt or sick in our care ever, please help us get our son back,  and our sons name is Brayden and he’s 19months old and there wasn’t a single legal reason for our son to be ripped away from loving parents and cps won’t let us see him and we don’t know where our son is or who he’s with and we haven’t committed any crimes and our son was well taken care of please help us get our son back, cps in Placerville Ca illegally took my son Brayden, we miss and love him so much and he’s our whole world and because I wouldn’t let cps in without a warrant, cps and the sheriff’s kicked our door in and they broke my arm and my wrist ripping my son out of my arms in November and cps won’t agree to allow visits or anything and cps plans to illegally bypass reunification and terminate our rights because I have anxiety and PTSD and our son was always loved and happy and well taken care of and healthy and our home is clean but yet cps is treating us like horrible parents, please help! CPS of El Dorado county in Placerville Ca continues to severely violate our rights as parents and they continue to discriminate against me as a mom because of my PTSD and anxiety and I’m on medication and they refuse to help us as a family and they have refused us services and they refuse to return our son and they plan to terminate our rights in court because of my anxiety and PTSD and the judge has already approved their petition to illegally terminate our rights and illegally adopt our son out, Please help! Our rights are being terminated this month

El Dorado County Health and Human Services
3057 Briw Road, Suite A
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 642-7159
(530) 621-7100 (after hours)


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