Scotty Harris

Scotty Harris

Santa Clara County Court System

The case featured above involves Judge Manoukian, Judge Theresa Guerrero-Daly and others.

It appears the when a Probate Court Case (Dept. 3) of an individual conserved by the Santa Clara County Public Guardian, and a party to the probate court case was also a party to a civil court case, then the civil court case would be assigned toJudge Socrates Manoukian who would then skew the judgment in the Probate Court Case to the advantage and benefit of Santa Clara County Government Officials. Scotty Harris and Francine Stevens describe their experience withJudge Socrates Manoukian, in which it appears very similar to the others. Instead of this involving a probate court case in Department 3, it involved a case in Family Court.  Family Courtworks with CPS (Child Protective Services) in much the same way that Probate Court works with the Santa Clara Public Guardian.

Paul M Carrick V Scotty Harris, Et Al

Ashley Harris reports being abused by Santa Clara County CPS Social Workers

Ashley Harris, the 14 year old daughter of Scotty Harris and Francine Stevens reports about her experiences allegedly being sexually abused by Social Workers in San Jose /  Santa Clara County, California, Saint Helena’s hospital in Vallejo and Los Angeles.  The Santa Clara County CPS Social Worker responsible for this case is Tony Okere

Scotty Harris Santa Clara California
Corruption in Santa Clara County PART ONE

Corruption in Santa Clara County PART TWO

If the name Socrates Peter Manoukian is a name you’re not familiar with then you need to Google the name. Mr. Manoukian is a judge who has been exposed for several sabotaged cases involving seniors and mentally disabled persons all of which lose their homes, life savings or freedom due to Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. See More on Santa Clara County California

Corruption in Santa Clara County Superior Court and Social Services
Scotty Harris Santa Clara California

New Information about more victims

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