Gisela Riordan

Gisela Riordan

Public guardian under fire for isolating elderly

Gisela Riordan: Silicon Valley tax dollars fund elder abuse – Part IV

Elder Abuse & Isolaton of Gisela Riordan in San Jose

Gisela Riordan was victimized by the Santa Clara County court system which is well known for dishonest government and police.  Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian is among the worst judges in the county with a history of sabotaging cases with seniors and the disabled, our most vulnerable. Gisela Riordan
has appeared in TV reporter investigations exposing the huge corruption in Santa Clara county California.

The Santa Clara County Public Guardian’s Office is facing criticism. Some families say the county is isolating their elderly loved ones — unnecessarily taking control of their entire lives, right down to who can visit.

The ABC7 News I-Team doesn’t often get the police called on it for a story. It happens, but it was unexpected in this case. All the I-Team did was ask to see a couple of ladies whose families say are being isolated by Santa Clara County.

“I need my family and they took that away from me,” 82-year-old Gisela Riordan says in a recording. “You know, what else can they take?”

Gisela Riordan: “I can’t do anything in here.”
Gisela’s son Marcus Riordan: “I know, I know.”
Gisela Riordan: “Because this is like a prison.”
Marcus Riordan: “It’s like a prison?”

Gisela suffers from dementia and her son, Marcus, made the recording during one of only three visits he’s been allowed with his mother in more than two years.

“They hijacked my mother,” Marcus said.

The Santa Clara County Public Guardian’s Office “conserved” Gisela — took over her personal and medical decisions — in 2010, after she visited hospitals 19 times in a single year. A court investigator determined her family, including her son, could not care for her.