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The Superior Court system in Los Angeles has become a joke for a city that has so much,yet so little,California is ranked F, at present and the Superior Court system here is next to third world as far as fraud, corruption and justice for profit. This system is denying its residents/Taxpayers their due process on so many levels, Banks, Escrow companies and title companies own the courts and they are attempting to own the land. Lawyers wont take a stand against these courts and their judges that’s how bad it has become.Please do the right thing and investigate and replace those who don’t want to play fair.

Apr 4th, 2019
Someone from San Gabriel, CA writes:
My husband was an employee at Los Angeles Department of Warer and Power. He has a Ph.D. and has done exceptional job as a chemist for the department by training other employees. But because of the ongoing discriminatory and retaliatory actions against him for filing an internal grievance about the corrupt and discriminatory promotion process, he never got promoted even though he is only one of the few working there with a Ph.D. degree. He was physically assaulted by an assistant supervisor who got promoted ahead of him despite not having as much job experience and degree credential. Not only was he denied proper justice, he was further retaliated against with excessive amount of work, excessive monitoring with his supervisors’ attempts to force him to commit errors with his work. When he was finally forced to make a mistake which could have been easily avoided had he not been piled so much work, he was denied the chance to correct the mistake (every employee is allowed to correct mistakes as part of the work protocol) and his mistake was grossly exaggerated to one that cannot be scientifically and evidentially supported. He is terminated because he was demoted to do the task of peeling labels and discarding sample waste which resulted in an additional workplace injury. When he reported this additional injury, he was immediately terminated with that supposed “mistake” that he so wanted to avoid and correct from a year ago. The Skelly Meeting and the city appeals both before a supposed arbitrator (Joseph Duffy) and some city commissioners went absolutely nowhere as they refused to consider any scientific evidence. They only consider what LADWP management colluded to say (a bunch of shameless and corrupt PERJURERS), as if a lie repeated many times by enough people, it would become the truth. LADWP went to strike our lawsuit down recently at the Superior Court. I have been following through this case for several years and the corruption and collusion within the whole judicial system is astounding. They have the appearance and facade of “due process” without the real substance. Everything they did was only formality. Whatever LADW managers and supervisors colluded to say (that is, to say only, WITHOUT EVIDENCE) becomes “evidence”, but whatever real object scientific and forensic evidence we present with my husband being also an eyewitness is brushed aside. I guess if I bring over all of my friends and relatives from all over the globe and say LADWP supervisors murdered someone, it would become the truth just because there are enough people repeating the same accusation, then by all means I can lock all of these managers and supervisors up for murders. With the same logic, the judicial system in Los Angeles is such that they consider enough perjurers repeating the same false accusations or claims to be “good evidence” and so they used such “evidence” (whatever they collide together to defame and perjure) to wrongfully terminate my husband and continue to deny him justice. These “judges” and “commissioners” who hold law degrees or have studied law should be utterly ashamed of themselves for such blatant distortion of justice. We should call the judicial system in Los Angeles CORRUPTION SYSTEM.

Aug 25th, 2016
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
I am actually dealing with court corruption and fraud,going to be a year fight my case and doing it myself. It stopped being worth getting my money back long ago,but now it’s about government doing whatever they want and getting away with it. La still has red light cameras by the MTA that you can still get in mail,when I got the false ticket so did 15 other people and I bet I am the only one fighting it.15 tickets 500 do that everyday of the year and that’s the reason the court is charging innocent people and getting away with it.No one fights back ,it is time consuming and will drive anyone nuts to have to go to such extremes the system and agency are the criminals yet nothing is being done. Court clerks lie and do the dirty work so that you believe you actually had a fair trial.Fight ever ticket ,document everything and look for all errors through out the process. We need to get our rights back and stop letting corruption continue

Aug 20th, 2016
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
The Los Angeles Superior Court System is the best money can buy. Extremely corrupt judges that receive money from extremely corrupt Los Angeles County that is a party to many cases before these judges as is the case with me. We are talking worst than third world because some third world countries have far more honest and impartial courts. I am personally dealing with a case that involves Racketeering by public county officials and this corrupt court has been violating my civil rights from 2009. Now it is 2016. The citizens of the great city of Los Angeles deserves much better. I cannot believe that this situation is allowed to continue. I think that one of these days the U.S. Department of Justice will have to act because the situation with the courts in Los Angeles is already out of control.

Aug 29th, 2016
Someone from South El Monte, CA writes:
I Lost my inheritance and my mom and our homes thanks to the court system I was never heard didn’t have an attorney wrote letters filed forms because of how much they have to benefit from the elderly there the ones who win win it all them the attorney and fiduciaries judges when I’m reporting elder abuse and it’s ignored but my mom is being taken for money when both conservators are passing out money and not to caregivers

Mar 11th, 2017
Patrick M. from Los Angeles, CA writes:
The Los Angeles Superior Court is in my opinion a band of judicial gangsters, that are blatantly denying due process, ignoring valid evidence, violating the Constitution and extorting money from the people of Los Angeles all while being paid off by whichever party has the right price. as a pro se litigant I went up against a lawyer who claim to not be representing any of the defendants yet drafted every Motion in the case and they were all granted and my case was dismissed, even though the court had no jurisdiction as the defendant had no lawyer they had defaulted. A total joke…if you want justice stay away from these people. …you have better luck dealing directly with the Mob,

Dec 6th, 2016
Jose H. from Alhambra, CA writes:
I totally agreed since i been emotionally financially and even mentally affected since i got so physical stressed knowing how this court will take my ex wife’s side since she all the time was a step forward in our case and always hiring a lawyer that i couldn’t afford for myself but i had all the time to pay for her attorney since I didn’t have on attorney the judges never pay attention to me and side by side with her lawyer always loosing case by case i little by little lost it all this court left me empty pocket and even my part of the divorce was then giving wrongfully to my ex wife she stole she kicked me out of my own house took my part of the half and half assets and property’s and all thanks to the her lawyer that was in a deal with the judge at each case my ex even failed to report to court over payments she fail to follow the court orders she trespass and stole from a property she gave false testimony and i reported all this to the court and to the judge and they ignored me cause they were no getting profits from me as with my ex because the lawyer soplits with the judge they move in a way that i couldn’t believe i have another big story how the judge even moved a clerk from his desk then sent me to talk to a person who all she did was discouraged me from appealing the decision and only hand me the papers without helping me when the usual clerk helps people filling up the papers for people without attorney but this lady the judge sent one throw the papers to me in a very rude way please i need my case to be review as per i ended up on the streets thanks

Jun 22nd, 2016
Someone from Taft, CA writes:
I know someone who is personally barreling with the corruption in the LA county court system and it has impacted his life dramatically especially for someone who is innocent and the court system has ripped him of all his constitutional rights!!! Light has been shed in this issue and no it’s time for our elected officials to take action and clean this up!

Jun 22nd, 2016
Someone from Taft, CA writes:
My fiance is currently a victim of the corruption of the LA County court system. Specifically Lancaster. He has been held over 3 months fighting a case in which he is innocent. He is being held with no evidence besides the testimony of a disgruntled man who made claims of having a gun pointed at him in traffic. My fiance was the provider for our family and we have lost his income and have no savings and are unable to afford to hire legal council. I have had seizures for the past 4 years and am also 9 mo pregnant with our son who will likely be born in his father’s absence. I am making it my priority to help shed light on this corrupt legal system and the overcrowded jails within this county. I also created a petition. It can be found at: https://www.change.org/p/jerry-brown-larry-s-freedom

Apr 14th, 2016
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
The Stanley most courthouse is rotten and corrupted to its core. It’s a shame. I had a clear win case but because the plaintiff paid off the judges, justice did not prevail. It’s sad to see America come to shame like this.

Apr 14th, 2016
Someone from Pacific Palisades, CA writes:
It is a sick joke in California courts where the judges are bought and paid for by the highest bidders and if one enters that system on any level be prepared to come out poor and depressed. Look at their pension fund holdings and you will find all the answers to the deception.

Mar 23rd, 2016
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
My name is hubert allen i have been a party in a probate case since 10/7/2010 case name antionette townsend trust case no# bp124980 there has been a complete breakdown in communication with the judge in department # 9 judge reva g gotez she has denied me due process she has allowed lawyers to steal millions of dollars from the trust i have so much documentation on courption fraud ect my life is in so much danger the attorneys were working out of 8200 wilshire bvld # 400 marion suge knight death row records location please help me

Feb 26th, 2016
Someone from Torrance, CA writes:
I agree that Los Angeles Superior Court located at 111 North Hill Street and Yolanda Orozco is one of the worst judges I have ever seen. I personally witnessed the Orozco hand over a Guardianship of a 15 year old boy to a known drug dealer based on a purported probate investigation that revealed nothing. Injustice under the name of justice.

Jan 29th, 2016
Someone from Midway, AR writes:
Judge Barbara Ann Meiers has stolen approx $2 milion from the Estate of Annie Emmer’s beneficiaries, with the help of Judge David Belz, Judge Kim Hubbard, Judge Marjorie Carter, all out of Orange County, Every judge is corrupt, or they can’t be a judge, the DA will test them and BLACKBALL their court if they do the right thing. They aren’t judges they are ADMINISTRATORS for the UNITED STATES CORPORATION their goal is to enslave the people by stealing all the land and imprisoning the adults, so they can kidnap the children and indoctrinate them to be loyal slaves for the state. Woe to you, traitors of the people, who tear apart families, and imprison the innocent while you commit crimes. No one escapes the consequences of their actions.

Jan 16th, 2016
Someone from Reseda, CA writes:
My mother, Doris, (The Big D) who is 89 yrs young, and I are being victimized by this so called justice system, and the probate dept. of our Superior courts are this huge, demonic, unstoppable monstrosity, that is so far removed from anything they were intended to do, that it is so devastating to us that we are falling deeper into this vortex of lies, greed, blatant law breaking officials, PVP attorneys purposely throwing their poor clients under the bus, so they can rack up their “billable hours” which are the biggest crock of crap Ive ever seen,and then watching what little you have left get eaten up by court costs, unnessesary fees, and judges that just sit there and watch them do it, that see no wrong in breaking apart a family, taking everything my father worked himself to death for, to ensure that my mom would never have to suffer this nightmare! yet it is happening, and I am fighting for our lives, our god given rights that we should never be denied, let alone at the hands of those posing as our protectors. The cat is out of the bag! We can see exactly what you “people” are doing, how your doing it, whats needed to stop it, but is it going to take some poor fool like me to climb to the highest mountain I can find and scream it to everyone, anyone who will listen, HELP US get rid of these parasites that shouldn’t even be walking around free, let alone have a job.!!! This is going on every day, all day , 24-7, because people don’t have the balls to stand up and say “Hold the *uck on here!!” I will not be shattered by a bunch of crusty old bastards that have nothing better to do than to murder their own, precious, sacred, beautiful elders, who if it were not for them, wouldn’t even be here!!! That’s the kind of creatures were breeding these days? The entire conservatorship circus needs to be terminated, NOW, and the people who are responsible for the unforgivable and reprehensible acts being committed as we speak MUST BE STOPPED> I pray that you never have to find out just what a bunch of corrupt, hypocritical LOSERS that are infested in our probate divisions, specifically the conservatorship lie, it is a thing I never imangined in my worst nightmares. I only wish I was exaggerating a teeny bit, but im not. Please, if you have a clue as to how I may help our situation, feel free to fill me in, and I will do anything in my power to help you back Maybe if we just start makin a whole lotta noise, in numbers, someone who CAN do something, will. Theres got to be a few decent people left up there, doesn’t there?.Thanks for the ear, MJ

Jan 6th, 2016
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
The Probate court in Los Angeles is organized theft. Two judges there should be arrested for crimes. They have deprived two seniors of their Constitutional rights. The litigants who are victims of senior abuse were told to be quiet while the judge gave “instructions” to the lawyer colluding to perpetrate injustice against them. Not able to speak is a crime and unconstitutional. Transfer and stealing of property is a white collar crime. Perjury is a felony. No evidence decisions are against Federal law. Collusions of judges and lawyers against seniors is a Federal crime and organized senior abuse. Transfer of real property to felony committing transfer trustee is in itself a felony. A multitude of Civil, Probate, Trust and Penal laws of this State are being violated wantonly by this so called court. Refusal to hear EXPARTES in reasonable time is a Federal Due Process violation. Dismissal of senior abuse claims is contrary to California Supreme Court decisions which must control the lower courts or there is lawless chaos. And that is the chief characteristic of this lawless and corrupt court. Los Angeles probate court lawyers have become a law unto themselves. A private fiefdom for self profit. The citizens of California are being stolen from by this court. Property is being transferred out from under seniors who need them for shelter. Properties are being illegally transferred to “flippers” who happen to be lawyers in Los Angeles to profit from them. Judges attend and are sponsored by “real estate flipping investment groups”. This court is organized crime “protected” by silence and non-action of law enforcement. The State Bar and Judicial Commission are a joke and Washington DC attorneys know it. Nothing changes though State officials know what is going on. The “flipping real estate” crime business is just too lucrative for the judges and the lawyers. One cannot find a more corrupt court that the Probate Court in Los Angeles. They have a criminal protection racket going on down there. Personally have seen “auctions” of senior properties despite the fact that the seniors wanted to continue to live in their own homes. Caregivers are having funds siphoned for their parent’s care to parasitic lawyers with judge approval. Estates are being destroyed by these parasitic lawyers who are incapable of earning an honest living. Rather than assisting severely harmed individuals, they actually assisting in inflicting more harm, completely facilitated by colluding judges. Both groups working together are in reality the major perpetrators of great harm to citizens of California. Citizens who come to this court as victims of mistreatment and abuse are just treated to more of the same by these lawless individuals. One cannot in conscience call these people judges and lawyers but rather “good ole boys” who wallow in favoritism and cronyism as willing participants. When one takes any advantage against the injured and vulnerable, one is guilty of a

Dec 25th, 2015
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
I agree wholeheartedly the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 111 North Hill street probate department has one of the worse real estate racketeering scheme I have ever seen in my life. The judge, attorney and auctioneers are so out of control and above the law it is unbelievable. I personally witness the judge hand the client file over his bench giving it to the auctioneers and attorney to take outside during the trial. We all went outside the courtroom into the hall where the auctioneers took the file from the attorney stepped away from the client and I and place something in it, the attorney was telling the client that the judge would give him his property back but when we all went back into the courtroom; the file was given to the bailiff who gave it to the judge, the judge opened it and within ten minutes he ruled for the auctioneers to finalize the deal of taking the client property right there in the courtroom in front of everybody; at that very moment I spoke up for the client talking directly to the judge, I let the judge know he was wrong for selling the client property. I tried reporting that matter to everyone, but it was never dealt with because even the higher ups are blinded by injustice are there is no one that believes the corruption is reallying going on or prehaps they just don’t care. What every the case I know find myself a victim of that same court house but this time it is myself that is being evicted from my home because some one bought the house I live in on 9/28 at an auction; I gave the new owners all my information including my section 8 voucher worker name number and email, but the new owner went to the same court filed and eviction against the old owner and evicting me. I have until 12 pm today Chirstmas day to move all my belongs from the property and nobody in the court can help me.

Apr 21st, 2019
Shelly H. from Westlake Village, CA writes:
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
I have had direct experience with the corrupt unscrupulous lawyer favoring system at the Probate Court in LA. No evidence required for sham decisions if one has a lawyer acting in collusion with a “friendly” non law enforcing judge. Blatant disregard for evidence and woeful lack of knowledge and application of the law. Trust property acquisition and “flipping” by insiders is now an art form at that corrupt kangaroo court. Seniors are dispossessed of real property and funds. May as well call it “mugging inc.”. Los Angeles is not called the fraud capital of the Nation for nothing. A true disgrace that needs to be exposed to all citizens of the State of California. Robbery of assets, harm to seniors and profit for corrupt lawyers is now a specialty for that unscrupulous “judicial” laughing stock.

Apr 21st, 2019
Shelly H. from Westlake Village, CA writes:
We need to get involved in recalls. Judge Lippitt, Judge Johnson, Judge Dillon, Judge Convey and Judge Bacigalupo need to be removed ASAP. We vote and cannot tolerate this madness any longer.


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