Judge David Yaffe

county of los angeles superior court judge david p yaffe corrupt dishonest allowed to retire instead of prosecution

Above is Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe who came to fame via his locking up Richard Fine for 18 months in attempts to shut him up from exposing the fact Judge David P. Yaffe accepts bribes from Los Angeles County. Yaffe played a key role in the case of LAPD Officer Chirstopher Jordan Dorner who was fired by LAPD for reporting the abuse of a mentally disabled man.

Judge David Yaffe was also involved with the death of Christopher Dorner former LAPD officer who went before Yaffe before his rampage. Dorner would never find justice or a fair trial before Yaffe who is well known and documented as receiving bribes from Los Angeles County.

Bribing of judges is very common in Los Angeles Superior Court. If you are involved with a judge in Los Angeles county you should investigate Richard Fine the lawyer who exposed David Yaffe and think about changing judges.

Richard Fine explains how to disqualify your judge and exposes how the majority of Los Angeles Superior court judges are bribed by Los Angeles county so when ever a trial comes before them they rule in favor of the county.

David Yaffe is known to have retired in the wake of exposing his corruption and moved to his mansion in Hawaii. This is often the case, when judges are exposed for corruption and crime they rarely are prosecuted, instead like priests found to molest children they are merely moved around.


Did you know almost all Los Angeles Superior Court judges accept bribes from the county of Los Angeles? What does the county do? Obviously because the county and its own supervisor are guilty to the crime they do nothing. The DOJ and US government must act and removed everyone involved as well as prosecute them from the top people down.

Be sure to view all the Full Disclosure videos that document and expose the Los Angeles Superior Court system and the dishonest, UN-Honorable judges are nothing more than dishonest lawyers who wear black robes of shame.

county of los angeles superior court judge david p yaffe corrupt dishonest allowed to retire instead of prosecution

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