Alternative Resolution Center

Alternative Resolution Center
One of California’s First and longest standing private dispute resolution providers, ARC (Alternative Resolution Centers, LLC) has been at the forefront of the legal and cultural revolution since its inception. Arbitration, Mediation and other alternative resolution processes have become essential mainstream practices in the new millennium.

Beware if anyone asks you to take your case to ARC note that a majority of the judges are in fact retired (forced to retire) due to questionable activity. Some are no longer members of the bar. If you research the names you’ll find news stories and victims of these judges

We’ve been notified by numerous victims who are lured to take their cases to ARC only to find out it was a huge mistake, going to ARC according to these victims is like losing before you start.

Examples of judges with negative backgrounds
NOTE: the below are NO LONGER JUDGES but continue to abuse their powers and act above the law
Aviva K. Bobb
Reva G. Goetz
Mary Thornton House
John W. Ouderkirk


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