Judge Tamara E. Hall

Corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tamara E Hall
Corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tamara Elaine Hall

Admission date October 1998

In April 2017, Judge Tamara Elaine Hall was removed from the Los Angeles Family Law Division, and removed from the Stanley Mosk Courthouse where she had been destroying lives in Department 22 for several years. She was reassigned to the Los Angeles Airport courthouse, Department 93 to hear personal injury claims.

The news provides no immediate justice to the mother whose child is still missing after Judge Tamara Hall kidnapped him from Vancouver, Canada on July 1st 2015. However, there is now some hope that an investigation into the boy’s kidnapping may finally take place, because so many other victims are also coming forward with their serious complaints.

A petition for the Removal of Judge Tamara E. Hall was closed once it reached 343 supporters and it was sent to the California Commission on Judicial Performance.

The link to the petition points directly to two websites where litigants and attorneys have written scathing, detailed reviews about her misconduct and outright violation of the law:


On one of the websites she has 88 reviews. To put this into perspective, the only other judge in California with more negative reviews than Judge Tamara Hall, is Judge Aaron Persky who made international headlines for giving a Stanford University rapist 6 months in jail. Judge Tamara Hall in contrast, has never made headlines. The reviews about Judge Tamara Hall on these websites are from people who have been personally affected by her brutality in the courtroom, as opposed to comments from people who are angered by a single unethical and unfair ruling they heard about in the news.

News media that reports about public corruption can positively affect social change. The coverage about the decision in this rape case sparked the demand for the public recall of Judge Aaron Persky: http://www.recallaaronpersky.com

If Persky were to be recalled, it would be the first recall of a Santa Clara County judge in history. Only two judges in California history have been recalled — one in 1913 in San Francisco and the other in 1932 in Los Angeles.

Normally, when a judge is removed from their position in a department and “reassigned” to an entirely different courthouse, they are under investigation. Judges have the right to be presumed innocent, until proven guilty, and the public has the right to be protected from corrupt and incompetent judges, so judges are switched to another location and a department where they can do “less damage” while an investigation is underway.

At this time, there is still no public mention of any disciplinary action against Judge Tamara Hall on the website for the California Commission on Judicial Performance: https://cjp.ca.gov/pending_cases/

The website lists the type of misconduct that the public may file complaints about:


  • Public and private discipline has been categorized using the following Types of Misconduct:
  • Abuse of contempt/sanctions
  • Administrative malfeasance/improper comments/treatment of colleagues and staff
  • Alcohol or drug related criminal conduct
  • Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class
  • Bias/appearance of bias not directed toward a particular class
  • Comment on a pending case
  • Decisional delay/false salary affidavits
  • Demeanor/decorum
  • Disqualification/disclosure/post-disqualification conduct
  • Ex parte communications
  • Failure to cooperate/lack of candor with regulatory authorities
  • Failure to ensure rights
  • Gifts/loans/favors/ticket-fixing
  • Improper business, financial or fiduciary activities
  • Improper political activities
  • Inability to perform judicial duties/incapacity
  • Miscellaneous off-bench conduct
  • Misuse of court resources
  • Non-performance of judicial functions/attendance/sleeping
  • Non-substance abuse criminal conduct
  • Off-bench abuse of office/misuse of court information
  • On-bench abuse of authority in performance of judicial duties
  • Pre-bench misconduct
  • Sexual harassment/inappropriate workplace gender comments
  • Substance abuse

Investigations are not public. When a decision is made to formally discipline a judge, this information and many facts about the case finally become public and are posted directly on the website.


New hope for mother of toddler who was kidnapped by a California Judge.

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