Judge Jack Halpin

shasta county california judge jack halpin must be removed

Judge Jack Halpin Shasta County California
He is free to accept bribes. He is free to rule against responsible parents and railroad children into cottage industries, knowing that responsible parents will fight like hell to get their kids back whereas irresponsible parents rarely will. While this is a disease that affects parts of the bench all over California, it’s especially sinister when the judge is assigned, cannot be held accountable by the people and is, in effect, accountable to no one.

This disease, as we understand it began with Chief Justice Ronald Georgbefore his appointment of the judge to the Scott Peterson case. Whereas it had previously been customary to assign a case to a court and permit the local court to determine which local judge would hear the case, Scott Peterson was the first defendant to ever have his case heard by an assigned judge appointed by the Chief Justice. When Chief Justice George was called on it, a new (unwritten) rule of court was introduced that would permit him to not only determine the venue but determine the judge. Of course, it was made retroactive just like SBx211.

Charles A. Wagner is an 81 year old man who succesfully filed a Quo Warranto petition (with the help of attorney Barbara Kauffman) which got Judge Halpin removed from the Shasta County bench, after many, many years of damaging rulings that destroyed many families in Shasta County.

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The problem in America today are the egotistical “above the law” judges who think they can do anything, even commit crime, perjury and murder and get away with it. What is worse are the dishonorable people at the state level who fail to protect the people and remove these monsters.

shasta county california judge jack halpin must be removed

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