Lawyer Christopher A Seabock

Christopher A Seabock #279640

License Status: Active
Address: Potter Handy, LLP, 8033 Linda Vista Rd, Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92111-5119
County: San Diego County
Phone Number: (858) 375-7385
Law School: California Western SOL; San Diego CA

Legal abuse victims have reported this lawyer is involved with weaponizing the courts in the form of extortion for ADA violations. Please contact us with your case if this lawyer has taken money from you or abused the bar rules in the process of creating illegal legal fees and costs.

Have you been victimized by Potter Handy?

McGee’s is among more than 100 businesses in Utah, and thousands of businesses around the country, that are being sued by a handful of plaintiffs and their lawyers for similar violations of the ADA.
“Some lawyers, and others, have taken [the ADA] and used it, frankly, as almost an extortion,” Stewart said. “Their efforts aren’t to help people with disabilities. It’s only about money.” SEE STORY BELOW


Lawmakers want to stop lawyers from using the ADA to “extort” businesses

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