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Mariposa County

Victims of Mariposa County
Jerry Cox
Marc Angelucci

A Mariposa man previously accused of raping a woman is now suing his accuser and several Mariposa County officials after his criminal case was dismissed.

Jerry Cox, a 50-year-old Mariposa rancher, was arrested in 2015 and charged with raping a woman he met on a dating website for farmers, Mariposa County officials said. The woman claimed Cox kept her on his ranch against her will and raped her.

Cox claimed the allegations were false, maintaining the relationship was consensual and that the accuser never was held against her will.

More than a year after he was jailed, investigators deemed Cox’s accuser not credible. The accuser didn’t disclose the alleged rape during a sworn deposition on an unrelated worker’s compensation case when she was generally asked if she had ever been raped, according to court documents.

About two months later, on Aug. 14, 2017, former Mariposa County District Attorney Thomas Cooke dismissed the rape case.

Following the dismissal, Cox’s accuser petitioned for a restraining order against Cox. But San Luis Obispo County Court Commissioner Erin M. Childs dismissed the claim, noting Cox seemed credible and his accuser didn’t, according to a transcript of a July 26 hearing.

Legal fight for the ranch

According to Cox’s attorney, as a result of the years-long fight against the accusations, Cox lost his business and ranch to receivership after Mariposa County officials issued several zoning, building and permit code violations. He claims the county’s actions prevented him from resolving the issues.

Angelucci said that, before the issues started, Cox had improved his property in part by building log cabins himself and added free-roaming livestock, including bison, to the land. The ranch became a desirable spot, he said, leading some people to stay on the ranch and even help Cox make improvements.

But then came an inspection and notice and order to repair or abate 101 property and health code violations. The violations included fire hazards, sanitation issues, zoning violations, structural hazards, Agri tourism violations and unauthorized rental operations.

Mariposa man whose rape charges were dismissed now suing accuser and county officials

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