Cathedral City Government

cathedral city california crime family councilman chuck vasquezr involved in corruption, fraud and abuse of sharon stephens
Cathedral City Corruption is out of control

Councilman Chuck Vasquez of Cathedral City California is a FRAUD

CATHEDRAL CITY CALIFORNIA CORRUPTION has long been known for corruption with police and government. Police used as tax payer thugs to abuse, victimize anyone who exposes them. Corruption at the top has been exposed and proves that those below this con-artist are involved.
One of those victims who lost her home and spent almost a year in jail via lies and fraud by government speaks out.

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Expose these MONSTERS, con-artists, frauds, liars and criminals who destroy trust in government. These are the real criminals and terrorists of America. They victimize innocent ta payers and use police to do their dirty work.

Read the full story on Corrupt Chuck Vasquez of Corrupt Cathedral City

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cathedral city police department chief stan henry exposed for fraud promoted for doing wrong

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