Santa Barbara Government

Santa Barbara California is a typical “OLD MONEY” towns which are famous for corruption and back door deals.

Famous for a corrupt police department with problematic detectives and DUI officers who fabricate, manipulate and destroy evidence in efforts to prosecute innocent people. Be sure to check out our
Santa Barbara Police Pages

Another interesting Santa Barbara California Government fact:

If you look at the Santa Barbara Government City Organization Chart it’s run by Females ALL For One and One for ALL and it’s a real problem.

Santa Barbara City District Attorney – Joyce Dudley
Chief of Santa Barbara City  Police Department РLori Luhnow
Santa Barbara City  Public Defender РA Women
Santa Barbara City Mayor – A Women
Santa Barbara City Commissioners – 2 Women
Santa Barbara City Key Politicians in town – Women

Santa Barbara City Probate Attorney’s = 70% are women
Santa Barbara City Divorce Attorney’s = 80% are women

The Women’s Santa Barbara City Bar is the most powerful group in town

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