your tax dollars at work leland lee corrupt fraud using tax dollars to steal from the tax payer

california state senator leland yee arrested for bribary and corruptionSenator Leland Yee
Senator Ronald S. Calderon

Never did I think it was so infected with liars, frauds and con-artists?
In fact the corruption is so bad the bad people keep out the good ones. What is worse is the good ones are afraid to go up against them.
If we want to clean up what is destroying America we have to start at the top and remove all rights and funding to anyone found to have committed any crimes against
the people while employed or working for the tax payer. That includes anyone who is responsible for or paid by tax dollars. We need to make it easy to get rid of any public servant who does not serve the public honesty or fairly. We have to stop rewarding them for bad behavior. This means judges must be tested for honesty annually with new technology. Just like the common person is drug tested we can no longer rely on an oath or a promise.

california state senator ronald calderon takes tax payers paid leave robbing americans

Ronald S. Calderon face corruption and fraud charges
What does he do? He takes a tax payer funded paid vacation

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