Richard Fine

Los Angeles California judicial corruption exposed by richard L Fine

A lawyer who is willing to stand up for justice Richard Fine

Richard Fine
A Californian Lawyer who stood up to an unethical, immoral, dis-honest judge David P. Yaffe who was caught accepting bribes. In efforts to shut up Richard the judge falsely imprisoned Fine for 14 months attempting to scare and shut him up. In the process it was found almost all Los Angeles Superior Court judges have accepted bribes and should be disbarred and prosecuted. Richard Fine Websites FREE Richard Fine Be sure to see all the Richard Fine Videos

Ex-lawyer jailed 14 months, but not charged with a crime
Richard I. Fine… How to Disqualify Your Judge & Get a New Trial: Full Disclosure Network® Online Video
Supreme Court rules against jailed lawyer Richard Fine

Richard Fine, a Champion for Justice, Part 1

Judges Attempt to Disbar RIchard Fine and then Resign (4 of 5)

RIchard Fine Teaches the Public How to Fight Corruption (5 of 5)

The Full Disclosure Network | How To Disqualify Your Judge

Congressional Testimony: Dr. Richard Fine to Bill Windsor of Lawless America

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