Crystal L. Cox

Crystal Cox
and Blogger Crystal Cox who became famous for Exposing crimes by certain persons and corporations became a target herself. What all this proves is how our legal system is manipulated by those who are part of it or have money. MONEY buys you justice in America today. What the bad guys are doing now is their own blogs to try and defame Crystal Cox however readers quickly note its not what it seems. If you read Crystal’s blogs you’ll find she always includes facts, evidence and documentation in regards to who she’s exposing. The truth will ultimately come out and who is behind the recent defaming of Crystal “A TRUE AMERICAN HERO” One thing the people above have in common is when the blow the whistle on crime or corruption the other side is quick to dis-bar, defame, fire or retaliate against them. Richard Fine was dis-barred for doing nothing more than telling the truth. Is this what the bar should have done? If you’ve ever been involved in a legal proceeding where you are in the right and can prove it the other side uses the oldest trick in the book. “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger” which means they try and destroy your character so the message you bring is affected.

What this does tell you is if they were honest or ethical they would defend what they’re doing but they can’t. Criminal are just that, dis-honest and unethical so they stoop to the lowest forms of defense.

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