Beware Killers Hide Behind Images and Badges

Beware Killers Hide Behind Images and Badges

Beware Killers Hide Behind Images and Badges

What people need to accept is images can be deceiving. Like Bill Cosby and the image American’s have grown up to know on TV. Like the image people have of police being protectors and enforcers. The true fact is we don’t know who that person is wearing that badge. Yet many refuse to convict a guily person because they don’t want to destroy the image they’ve known. Even with smoking gun video footage and reports of violations and crimes people trust an image. Can over 50 women be wrong about Bill Cosby?

The fact is more people are executed by police each year than police are killed by the public. The other problem is courts are in bed with law enforcement so they do everything they can to avoid prosecutiong their friends. What other businesses have their own investigating and prosecuting? Lawyers oversee lawyers and judges while police investigate themselves. There’s an obvious lack of objectiveness and transparency when it comes to crimes by police, judges, lawyers and government. They control our justice system which as we know is based on money not justice.

Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez executed Philando Castile during a traffic stop and was acquitted on all charges by a jury, a decision that came nearly a year after the encounter was partially streamed online to a rapt nation in the midst of a painful reckoning over shootings by law enforcement.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled Castile’s car over in Falcon Heights, a suburb near Minneapolis and St. Paul, and officerJeronimo Yanez  later said he thought Castile matched the description of a suspect in a robbery. The stop quickly escalated.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez blindly fired into the car, saying later he thought Castile was going for his gun, a claim Castile’s girlfriend, sitting in the seat next to him, disputed. She began streaming the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live.

Police officers are seldom charged for fatal on-duty shootings and convictions are even less common. Castile’s death came at a time of intense scrutiny of fatal police-involved shootings, and the viral video of his final moments spurred heated demonstrations that continued for weeks.

“My son loved this city, and this city killed my son,” Mr. Castile’s mother, Valerie, said as she stood on a corner outside the courthouse afterward. “And a murderer gets away. Are you kidding me right now?”

She continued, “The system in this country continues to fail black people and will continue to fail us.”

The case against Officer Jeronimo Yanez — believed to be the first time in Minnesota history that an officer was charged in an on-duty fatal shooting — hinged on one central question: Did the officer Jeronimo Yanez have reason to fear that Mr. Castile was reaching for a gun that he had acknowledged having with him when he was pulled over by the officer Jeronimo Yanez ?

Officer Jeronimo Yanez testified that he feared Mr. Castile was grabbing for the gun, but Mr. Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, said he had merely been reaching for his identification to give officer Jeronimo Yanez.

Imagine your tax dollars pay for a “Defense Team” to manipulate the law and help killer cops go unpunished

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