Judge John P. O’Donnell

cleveland ohio judge john p odonnell refuses to rule in favor of justice and obvious murder

Did Judge John P. O’Donnell do the right thing? What America is witnessing is how our courts fail the people and justice is often ignored. In fact much of the time justice is about how much lawyer you can buy. There are millions of people who are victimized every year by dishonest judges, lawyers and government who are above the law. Even reporting them to proper authorities rarely gets you justice and more often than less the person reporting is victimized by the system. It’s called “Above the law” and while they won’t admit it, it’s been proven time and time again.

Judge John P. O’Donnell found Cleveland Police officer Michael Brelo not guilty on two counts of voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell Saturday.

Judge John P. O’Donnell announced his decision in open court on Saturday. Officer Michael Brelo was charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter. If convicted, he could have face up to 22 years in prison. Judge John P. O’Donnell could have brought lesser charges such as attempted voluntary manslaughter or aggravated assault, but did not.

The judge found Brelo was justified when he jumped onto the hood of Russell’s Chevy Malibu at the conclusion of the shooting and fired 15 shots through the windshield.

137 Shots, 62 Police vehicles, 13 officers opened fire, over a backfire?
How many lives were put in danger due to speeds over 100mph?

Michael Brelo Acquittal: Cleveland Demonstrators Demand Justice System Reforms
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FULL VERDICT: Read Judge John O’Donnel’s decision to acquit Michael Brelo

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