Judge Jack St. Arnold

Judge Jack St. Arnold

Judge Jack St. Arnold is assigned to Pinellas County Probate Court as one of two judges who presides over more than 3,500 guardianship cases in Pinellas County.

Judge Jack St. Arnold was a featured speaker at the Pinellas County Guardianship Association’s Annual Conference in the fall of 2013.

Judge Jack St. Arnold is involved in many questionable court cases where seniors are taken advantage of.

State law allows a guardian to bill wards $70 an hour for the time it takes to perform tasks such as visiting them, opening their mail and taking them to appointments. Berchau says he has asked to see an accounting of how his guardian spends his money, but has been denied.

Family members raise new questions about guardianship program in Florida

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Judge Jack St. Arnold appears to be part of an ongoing problem

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