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Corrupt Federal Judge: Orinda D. Evans of Atlanta, Georgia

Judge Orinda D. Evans is corrupt.  Judge Orinda D. Evans is actually worse than corrupt.  Judge Orinda D. Evans is a criminal, and I believe Judge Orinda D. Evans is evil.  Judge Orinda D. Evans stole approximately $2,000,000 from me, and she was either bribed to rule as she did or she did it because of a relationship with the law firm of Hawkins & Parnell.

I make these statements as fact, not opinions.  The record of the case provides absolute proof that the only basis for her rulings was corruption.

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Starting in 2007, Bill Windsor discovered that federal judges in Georgia were corrupt.  Federal Judge Orinda D. Evans robbed William M. Windsor of millions of dollars.  She was aided and abetted by Judge William S. Duffey, Judge Thomas W. Thrash, and others.  Bill Windsor has the corruption fully documented.

Bill Windsor thought judges were honest back then, and he thought he simply had one rogue corrupt judge.  But as more and more judges showed their corruption, he realized the problem was big.  Back then, online searches for people dealing with corrupt judges generated little or nothing.

William M. Windsor took his case to the United States Supreme Court.  He handled the case himself as his attorneys wanted another $250,000 to handle it, and they assured him he would lose.  Bill asked the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to declare that the federal judges in Georgia had to abide by the U.S. Constitution.  The justices said “we refuse.”

This generated some Internet publicity.  Bill then realized he wasn’t alone in this discovery as thousands of people emailed and called.

By this point, the judges in Georgia were doing all types of illegal things to stop Bill Windsor.  Court filings were destroyed; dockets were changed; legal actions were not processed; he was denied the ability to file anything; transcripts were falsified; orders were issued that ignored the facts and the law; they even blocked him from his second day of testimony before a grand jury when he was presenting criminal charges against six federal judges and the District Attorney in Atlanta.  He was denied access to the county courthouse and the federal courthouse.  He received word from a federal prisoner’s wife that her husband told her he was approached about a deal to get out of prison if he would kill Bill Windsor.  Bill called the FBI; no one ever came.

But when it comes to Bill Windsor, persistent is an inadequate descriptive word.  He kept going, documenting everything. Read the entire story HERE

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