Susan King


Portland Oregon COURT VICTIM Susan King who is capable of caring for herself was kidnapped by the courts

STARTED IN 2016 and got totally out of hand by late 2019 early 2020
Susan King had been living on her own for years, when she finally had enough of her Trust Company selling off her assets, some for less than true value, and mishandling her finances in various other ways. She hired an attorney to get rid of the Trustee. The Trustee’s attorney fought back and threatened to put this woman, their client, into Guardianship and take complete control by coercion. A dishonest lawyer/court visitor submitted a fraudulent report to the court (which the Trustee knew was false) and the rest is history. Instead of enjoying life, living in her beautiful historic home overlooking the Columbia River, she’s being held captive in a memory care unit. Isolated from true friends and others who honestly care about her. Classic story of corruption!

Dear Mr. Scott Bradford, Attorney – US DOJ – District of Oregon;

I sent you a recording of Susan King, and me, talking on the phone about her situation. I’m sure I mentioned that our conversation occurred AFTER Susan King had been (falsely) declared “Totally Incapacitated.” I believe that you have listened to this recording. I didn’t ask you for anything, other than to listen to it. If you have, what did you think? Did Susan sound totally incapacitated and incapable of effectively communicating?

I believe I might already know the answer, as plenty of other people have also heard that recording. They were shocked, and appalled, to hear that Susan had been declared “Totally Incapacitated” less than a month before. I have plenty of other recordings, pictures, emails, and even videos that would clearly demonstrate Susan’s cognizance, clarity of mind, and ability to live independently and manage her own affairs. I also have other pertinent documents showing the losses Susan has suffered during this long and painful ordeal.

This is all a bit harrowing for me. I know what I’m up against and I know, for a fact, Oregon’s “Guardianship System” has been misused by Probate Court insiders. I have mountains of evidence, but so what? Who is willing to look at the truth and correct this situation?

Can Susan’s situation even be corrected? I can prove everything I say, but who will investigate and (rightfully) punish their own peers for Perjury or Elder financial abuse?

All of the “caring” professionals, pretending to be concerned with protecting Susan, always start their remarks with “The respondent suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015.” It’s true she did have a subdural hematoma, but she recovered from that. Despite that fact, they keep using it as their “go to” opening line to “justify” their need to “protect” Susan King. They also list a myriad of other supposed ailments Susan does not have, but sure do look good in all their court filings!

Below is a screenshot of an email Susan sent to her attorneys after a court appointed attorney contacted Susan, back when Ann Yela first made her false allegations in an “Emergency Petition,” attempting to gain complete control over Susan and her assets. Susan’s been trying to fight this ever since! This is just one of countless emails I have from Susan. Over the course of our long, and intimate (in a friendship way,) relationship we have exchanged hundreds and hundreds of emails.

An ignorant and equally corrupt court visitor/”lawyer” thought it clever to belittle my knowledge of Susan and her cognizance in one of their “reports” by saying; “Loyd Waugh thinks he knows more about Susan’s condition than a neurologist, because he talks with Susan every day.” Really? So, some neurologist who met with Susan for a few hours, had their assistant perform the majority of “tests,” then billed Susan $5,000 – knows more about her than her best friend who was talking with her every day. Really? Susan’s attorneys spoke with her for hundreds of hours, costing her over $100,000! Do you think her attorneys knew anything about her capacity? How could they have even had a conversation with her if she was so incapacitated?

This same deceitful court visitor/lawyer attempted to further invalidate my significance in Susan’s life by using quotation marks around the word “friend” in their list of persons interviewed during their “investigation.” It was blatantly obvious this sad excuse for a human being had an agenda and she was not about to be derailed by the truth. The one time I met with this cretin I was asked just one question; “Are you willing to be Susan’s guardian? I said, “Susan doesn’t need a guardian.” No more questions were asked of me, even though I had brought a large briefcase full of evidence showing Susan did not need a guardian.

Ask yourself, why would an actual “lawyer” waste all that education to serve primarily as a court visitor? Power, control, and influence. Court visitor’s have the last word, besides the Judge. This same corrupt court visitor’s family recently “set up shop,” in the “professional” fiduciary business here in Portland. That’s easy math.

Susan often referred to me as her Savior during the last decade of a near 40 year marriage that ended with enormously horrifying amounts of verbal, mental, and emotional abuse from her alcoholic husband. “FRIEND,” INDEED! The best friend Susan ever had, according to her. Ask Helga, she’ll confirm that. The court visitor never even bothered to interview Susan’s Aunt Helga Joyce. How convenient.

My family came to Oregon in the late 1930’s – They were hardworking farmers and tradespeople who always helped others and would never think of taking advantage of anyone. I was raised by my grandparents on their farm in Damascus, OR. My grandfather was my hero! He was the hardest working, most honest, man I’ve ever known. Sadly, I didn’t get to spend as much time with him as I would have liked, before he passed away.

As a Union Carpenter Foreman, I would (occasionally) travel to where the work was happening. One of my favorite jobs was a seismic retrofit of The City and County Building in SLC, UT. Hard work, but very rewarding. My name is etched on the clock tower (For All Eternity) along with many of my then co-workers. I mentioned that not to gain favor, but because I know you are the son of good, honest, hardworking, Mormon parents that know a friend of mine, Ronda Butler. She knows your father and speaks very highly of him. Ronda’s mother, Ruth Huglin, is also a victim of this corruption.

I have been Susan’s closest friend for over 13 years. We endured some very chaotic and turbulent years together! I know for certain Susan was wrongly declared incapacitated. I know her, extremely well, as I know the circumstances that led to her current situation. I can name each and every individual that participated in this “charade,” along with their actions and motivations. Their lies about me furthered their cause by rendering me helpless to assist Susan against their greed driven agenda. The lies that were told about me have caused me far too many sleepless nights and indescribable anxiety. I am still much more concerned with Susan’s situation. Susan had her freedom, but she never will again if nothing is done to correct this brazen travesty.

Being “basically” retired, I’m not sure how long I want to battle this corruption. I’d rather be enjoying my life, instead of dealing with this corruption, but I care deeply about Susan and I resent greedy strangers having taken complete advantage of her. Susan has been telling others all along what she wanted yet, unfortunately, she continued being optimistic and accepting that these “professionals” were going to help her. They have not helped her. They have only helped themselves. This is ALL so wrong and something needs to be done about it!

Susan has lost over $1.5M in assets since this all began. You might think that would concern her only child, but she’s oblivious, even though she started this whole mess back in 2016. She’s apparently much too busy drinking, getting stoned, and posting silly cat pics on Facebook to care about “Mom.” She hasn’t seen or had any contact with Susan for years!

Susan did not initiate their estrangement, and it broke Susan’s heart that her only child would neglect her and cause this situation that Susan now finds herself in, isolated and surrounded by total strangers. None of whom have any true concern for Susan’s feelings or her true wishes about how she would like to spend the rest of her life.

Sadly, Susan’s own “family” has not shown any concern for Susan or her situation. None of them have spoken with, or visited, Susan in a long, long, time. Had any of them shown genuine concern for Susan, she would not be in this predicament. Myself and her Aunt Helga remain Susan’s only true friends.

Please, take a look at the attached email image and decide for yourself if you think an incapacitated person wrote it, or if the author didn’t know what was happening. Susan was constantly telling her lawyers what SHE wanted, but they continually ignored her and did whatever suited their best interests.

Thank you for your time.


(Closest friend) Loyd Waugh

Susan King


Dear Rep. Nancy Nathanson, et al, (Two score – additional – Oregon State Representatives)

First, Thank You for HB-2601

My friends, Sam, Markie, Sue, Ronda, Mike, Phyllis, Sandy, Wayne, Bob, Terry, Gary, Nancy, Rose, Jack, Amicia, Sally, Joanne, Doug, and many others thank you also! But, I’m afraid, it’s not nearly enough! Here’s why I say that…

My very best friend in the world, Susan King, recently became yet another victim of Oregon’s unjust, unforgiving, and morally bankrupt Guardianship System. Dishonest, uncaring, lawyers and probate court insiders have literally stolen my friend’s life. They have stripped her of all her rights, her freedom, and have complete control of her person and property.

Susan and I have been the closest of friends for over 13 years. We’ve been through thick and thin together. A whole lot of thick! Susan and I are about as close as friends can be. Before all this happened we spent hours on the phone, nearly every day. Sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. There was lot to talk about! We visited each other and went out for meals, regularly. My Mother is no longer with us, otherwise Susan would be my 2nd closest friend. I truly loved my Mother. She was very smart and very kind. More people should be like her! I love Susan too and I’m horrified this has happened to her!

Greedy lawyers, aware of Susan’s “vulnerability” as an unassuming wealthy widow, have taken full advantage of Susan. With the aid of a veraciously challenged court visitor, who provided the court with a very damning and very false report, she’s now lost her freedom and all her rights. Apparently, a morally and/or ethically challenged probate court judge, working in harmony with the lawyers, has declared Susan “Totally Incapacitated.” Totally fraudulent and/or corrupt might be more accurate. I don’t normally call people names or negatively label anyone unless I’m quite sure they are deserving of the title. Susan is far from being “Totally Incapacitated,” especially according to Oregon State’s legal definition of “Incapacitated”.

The lawyers have done their “job.” They have “legally” succeeded in containing Susan and “securing” her assets. They are now free to do whatever they please with her money and property. In total, so far, this has cost Susan over $1,500,000!!!

Susan had given me power of attorney to try and prevent all this from happening, but lawyers coerced her into revoking it. How convenient. Easier to prey on one “little old lady,” right? They also dissuaded us from marrying, something Susan suggested to prevent all of this from happening.

Before this tragic event occurred, Susan had been living just fine, all by herself, for the better part of three years. She’s now trapped in a Memory Care Unit, where she has full time, 24 hour a day, rotating caregivers. Guards would be more accurate. Guarding against anyone who honestly cares about Susan, and might try to free her from the shackles which have been placed on her! Taking long walks was one of her favorite things to do, when she wasn’t shopping, cooking, or reading. NOW, she’s not even allowed to walk by herself! She used to walk all over Astoria. She always made it home.

I record my calls during the regular course of business, so it’s not unusual for me to have recorded conversations on my phone. I’ve attached a call that I’d very much like you to hear. This call is between Susan and myself. It took place on March 16, 2020 – It’s approx. 26 min. long. Eight days after this call took place I was informed, rather rudely, by a complete stranger, that I am not allowed to have ANY contact with Susan. Imagine how it feels having your best friend taken away and being told by an ignorant stranger that you are not allowed to have any contact with them! Let me tell you how it feels, horrible! Like a part of you has died! I am sure Susan misses me and wonders why she hasn’t heard from me. This is terribly wrong!

Once again (with emphasis added) I would very much appreciate your opinion as to whether or not you think Susan sounds as though she is so “incapacitated” that she is incapable of “effectively communicating.” If you agree she does not sound incapable of “effectively communicating,” which is exactly how Oregon law reads, then you must agree we have a very serious problem here in Oregon!

ORS 125.005(5) – “Incapacitated” means a condition in which a person’s ability to receive and evaluate information effectively or to communicate decisions is impaired to such an extent that the person presently lacks the capacity to meet the essential requirements for the person’s physical health or safety. “Meeting the essential requirements for physical health and safety” means those actions necessary to provide the health care, food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene and other care without which serious physical injury or illness is likely to occur-  

All the individuals mentioned at the beginning of this email are united in our unceasing efforts to make as much noise as we can and, hopefully, with your help and the help of others in positions of authority, put an end to this blatantly corrupt financial abuse of our friends and family members. We, the good, honest, caring friends and family will help our friends and relatives IF they truly need help.

I don’t sleep much anymore, so I have lots of time to scour the internet and read all about this horrific, and epidemic, crime being perpetrated on the American people. The Senate Special Committee on Aging has been discussing this problem for decades. Isn’t it about time this was stopped!!!

I know you all must be very busy but, PLEASE, listen to this recording and see if you think Susan sounds “Totally Incapacitated.” If you don’t, then a major crime has been committed. A crime against Susan King, and countless others trapped in similar circumstances!

Yes, I CARE A LOT! #FreeBritney #FreeSusanKing #EndCorruptGuardianship

Thank You and Stay Safe…Everyone.

The woman in the 26 min conversation (above) had been declared “Totally Incapacitated” 3 1/2 weeks earlier. Her case stinks of blatant corruption.

Definition of incapacitated – Oregon Legal Glossary – Oregon “Incapacitated” means a condition in which a person’s ability to receive and evaluate information effectively or to communicate decisions is impaired to such an extent that the person presently lacks the capacity to meet the essential requirements for the person’s physical health or safety”.


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