Judge Mathew H. Greene

New London Probate District Court Judge Mathew H. Greene

Mar 30th, 2018
Robert J. from New London, CT writes:
I, Robert N. Jetmore, am the whistleblower on  a  corrupt probate decision I will describe below. My mother, Josephine, left me her estate, in a will that was in effect for twelve years and the attorney who drew it up testified, under oath of it’s validity. While that was pending my sister, who  was dying of a brain tumor, became incompetent. The nursing home notified the probate court of her condition. “Date; Feb. 24, 2009. Petitioner; The Crossings West , 89 Viets  St., New London, Ct. 06320 (A nursing home) filed the following at the New London, Ct. probate court. ” The condition of Mary A. Gennotti results in the respondent being unable to evaluate information or make or communicate decisions to such an extent that the person is unable, even with appropriate assistance, to perform the functions inherent in managing his ( this line on the form ends there). Also, the condition described above  results in the respondent being unable to receive and evaluate information or make or communicate decisions to such an extent that the person is unable, even with appropriate assistance, to meet essential requirements for personal needs. ” Probate judge, Mathew H. Greene, allowed the ex-husband , of twelve years, Frank Gennotti, Sr. to marry Mary A. Gennotti, using her maiden name, on Feb. 27, 2009, by a justice of the peace, Shirley Pope Alloway, Frank’s friend for over forty years. Mary was unable to sign her name so someone placed an X on the marriage certificate. On March 16, 2009, Probate Judge Greene, appointed her, now new husband, Frank conservator of Mary and of her estate. Mary died, March 27, 2009, thirty days after the illegal marriage. Her death certificate listed the cause of her death as Glioblastoma Neoplasia @ Temparallous, intervals for months and degenerative dementia for years.   The funeral parlor kept her death a secret.  Nothing in the local paper. Why? Also, the document  listing Frank as the conservator has been changed and replaced with her son’s name Three months prior to her death she was a patient at L & M Memorial Hospital and could not recognize close family member.  Twenty three hand written pages of evidence has mysteriously diapered from the probate court. Frank was an abusive husband with restraining orders and numerous police complaints against him. He also made death threats, against Mary and his young son. with a gun that he stole from the police department. When, I , the whistleblower confronted the court about this civil rights offence. The probate judge retaliated by voiding the will of my mother mentioned at the top of this petition. I have contacted many attorneys but to no avail. The attorneys inform me that no local  lawyers will go against the judge. In fact they say it is true for the entire state of Connecticut. No elected officials from the Attorney General to the State Senate will help.  You can see how many years I have been seeking justice. The probate court has now retaliated further and is evicting the whistleblower from  the house I constructed over a three year period, with my dad, and lived in since 1959.

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