Erik B. Scott

38 year old erik b scott gunned down by las vegas police july 10 2010 RIP Erik

Erik B. Scott
was an exceptional man, shot and killed in the prime of his life by three Las Vegas, NV, police officers on July 10, 2010. At best, his slaying was a terrible mistake and needless tragedy. At worst, it was an execution born of irrational fear and rampant incompetence. As of mid-August 2010, an official investigation was still underway, and most critical evidence was being closely held by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This forum will chronicle events as they unfold, and provide ongoing analysis, commentary and insight. See Erik B. Scott more details

The problem in this case is common, police shoot and kill an innocent citizen who never posed a threat. They over-reacted and murdered. Management and government is quick to hide and destroy evidence and set a murdered free. What this proves is that not all people are created equal in America. Some are in fact above the law. Judges and police commonly work together thus they are not objective when dealing with one another. Judges will not prosecute police fairly nor will police arrest and investigate judges who abuse and break the law.

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Erik B. Scott


Westpoint Graduate Erik B. Scott Shot and Killed by Police Officer William Mosher. Air Force Veteran Father Bill Scott Interviewed on August 20, 2014. Receives Death Threats. Between 1980 and 2005, Police Killed 9,500 Americans.

erik b scott murdered by las vegas nevada police officers july 10 2010

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